Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, Get To Me for Aid And I Will Immensely Provide For You..."

Accept Me as Your Giver

As human beings, asking for help from each other is unavoidable. In such instances, a contribution is made to you who is in need. When you are experiencing challenges such as; lack of enough funds to pay for school, lack of food or clothing, a donation made would be of aid. Having someone come through for you is such a relief because it lessens the troubles that you are undergoing.

My beloved, I am aware that the world is exposed to calamities such as; sicknesses, hunger or poverty. Sometimes, to deal with such, you try to make ends meet but your efforts turn out to be all in vain. In such times, life becomes unbearable and giving it up feels like an option. Comparable to a donation, is how I will give you all you need. If I give flowers their beauty, creatures their food, provide rain for the earth, and make the earth sunny when in need of some warmth, in a similar manner I will always provide your needs because you are more treasured to me. Be at peace and confident in the truth which is understanding that I know all that you need.

Test me in giving. Lack of trust in me and having the thoughts that you can get all things on your own ends up leaving you in poverty. When any problem arises and you need help, let me stand in place of your earthly donor, remember I will give you all that you ask for. In the most freehearted and selfless act I donated my only son who died on the cross for the sake of your sins to you who didn’t even ask for it. This is to show my love for you. When you experience inadequacy, I will bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. Let me be your ultimate donor of life.

Keeping Up Trust to Receive More

Every time you need my help, run to me. When the road seems too slippery making you fall, just ask for help from me. Supposing no one came to your aid the time you needed it the most, you would be left thinking that people hate you or they are mean and you start wondering if I am watching and why I allow that to happen to you. You may even begin to question your trust and faith towards me. You too need to donate, so as to receive.  

My dear child, suffering has its way through your life. Things have their way of turning around against you. I will be an essential donor in your life for I notice all your wants and when they are scarce. Being generous to others, demonstrates the faith you have in me. Trust me with what I have entrusted you with. In return I will entrust you with more.

Faithful one, in the midst of your sufferings, recover your lost hope in me for in me you may have peace. Acknowledge that in the world full of misery, I will overcome that for you. Just as you donate to your neighbor in times of need, in the same way I will overcome all your problems for you. If your satisfaction and confidence is in my Kingdom, you will be generous with all that I have blessed you with on the earth. When you actively allow me in your life and let me walk closer with you, I will give enough to donate wherever I lead you to. 

Trust, rest and gain from me who dispenses your every need. I am your Creator and Sustainer, Lord of all and Lord in all.

Reflect on These Words Today

“You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

(Psalms 145:16)

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