Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, You Can Come And Make Me Your Helper. Just As How You Depend On Loans, I Can Be Your Provider..."

Let Me Be Your Sufficient Provider

Money is often used in the satisfaction of needs; for use in either buying land, paying bills, or even for starting a business. If a person lacks or lacks enough money, he or she considers acquiring debt from a moneylender who anticipates it back with a pre-determined agreed interest. The availability of lenders to offer loans alleviates distress to a person who is not able to entirely satisfy their needs.

Faithful one, just as how a loan is of help to you when you are in need, I will come to your aid when you feel discontented. I will make sure to offer provision in those times you have inadequacy. Just as the birds of the air do not know how to either sow, reap or gather into stores yet I, the heavenly Father, feed them, I will always take care of you because you are more valuable to me. Seek my kingdom first and my righteousness and all these other things will be added to you. Put your trust in my name and let me control your life.

Taking loans from people and not trusting in me as your provider, who does not expect anything in return, makes you feel void. When you have nothing or do not have enough, ask from me in prayer. It is written that ask and you will be given, and seek and you will find. I will hear your supplication and receive your prayer. I will supply all your needs according to my riches in the glory of my son. Give me the chance to be your lender and I will give you all your heart desires. Believe in me, it is I who will give and fulfill to you what others cannot. In this, you will feel the love I have for you and you will receive it in plentiful

I Am The Help You Need: Not The Loans

When one takes a loan, he or she is certain that their problems are sorted. For any reason, what if the moneylender declines their request for the loan? Where do they turn to? This leaves one in distress as they wonder what to do. When such obstacles occur, it is when you rush to me in prayers and seek my intercession. The loan, on the other hand, would be approved and you will use it to fulfill all your needs but one is required to pay afterward after the agreed period of time.

My child, do not wait until all your options fail but always keep me close so that when a need arises then I will fulfill it to you as quickly as possible. I will be your helper. In my kingdom, there is nothing that you will lack and I will make you rich when the glory of your house is increased. Put your hope in me henceforth and I will do great things to you. 

My beloved, whatever it is that you will need in life, I will provide it for you. Neither will I let you suffer under my watch nor let you drown in waters of the sea. You will testify of my great acts which I will do to you. I will always be there to offer my assistance in your survival in the world that I placed you in. My eyes will always be upon you from the beginning of the year unto the end of the year.


Reflect on These Words Today

“And my God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

(Philippians 4:19)

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