Today’s Devotional

"Be at peace for I am your creator. It is with me, the impossible is possible. In my hands, you will not face electricity shortage issues..."

In the present times, most homes, institutions, and workplaces use electricity. This gives fairly low-priced and safe lighting which allows human beings to remain awake and active long after darkness sets in as well as for use in domestic appliances, public transportation among others. For relief and free from danger, a trained electrician carries out a scrutiny check on wires and does a voltage test to check if they are correctly connected and no worn-out wires are present since they are prone to causing damage.

This assurance leaves people unworried of any damage.

My child, I am important as much as the electricians whom you need to give you assurance for you to have a clear conscience. You will want me in your life. You can count on me for shelter when you feel unsafe and alone. Seek my presence. I will come to your rescue. In me, you will feel happy and at peace.

Let Your Immediate Electrician Take Control.

Be sure that I am present in your life during the sad and happy times. Allow me to be responsible for you and involve me in all situations that come your way. In the days of your calamities, I will be your shield hence do not give up on those times you feel unworthy for I am with you. 

Being doubtful and insecure can unknowingly make one detach from the things you desire in life. This form of uncertainty will make you develop anxiety about the ability to handle certain situations. Therefore, increase your trust in me for when you allow panic to take control, it stumbles you. 

The electrician makes sure that the wires are perfectly connected and any destruction happening should be the least of your concern. Unintentional destruction would actually happen if you keep on confirming whether wires are loose and repeatedly having thoughts about it. Damage is inevitable when you harbour doubts and lack faith.

Trust in me with all your heart and let me be the immediate electrician of your life. Commit all your works to me, and I shall establish your thoughts. The way natural light persists throughout the day is the same way I will persist in those who seek me in truth and in faith. I will answer anyone who approaches me to take control of his life. Abound everything in faith, utterance, in knowledge and my grace will be over you.

You Are Secure In My Arms

My child, I will remain by your side in this life as you engage in whatever you consider doing. Leave any challenge to me and I will overcome it for you. When you feel as if you sinking under the evils of the world, I shall be there to save you. I have promised that those who will seek to find me, will find life and shall obtain my favor. In my arms, you shall shed no tears.

Once you awake from the night, whisper a prayer. Give thanks to me who put earnest care into your hearts. Bring out your plans for the day to me and request to be led and shielded from any harm planned by your enemies. When you leave it to me, be certain I listen and will surely answer.

Anyone who believes in me and trusts me with his life is assured of victory against his enemies and protection throughout their days. This means that even the distress that comes with the fear of living or working in an electric-installed building cannot affect them. Those who come to me with a willing mind and heart are confident that they are safeguarded from their dismays.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Casting all your anxieties on him, because He cares for you.”

(1st  Peter 5:7)

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows them that trust in him.”                                                                                                 (Nahum 1:7)

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