Today’s Devotional

"My Child, I Will Redeem You From Destruction And Crown You With kindness..."

Recovery Needs Patience.

When you start your recovery journey, there won’t be an immediate improvement. Recovery is a long process, and expecting to get better right away will lead to disappointment, frustration, and lack of motivation. If you want to go through recovery so fast, it becomes way easy for you to relapse. Slow progress doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless, rather it shows the need of being realistic about the challenges you are facing even as you recover. It is important for you to not be over ambitious on your recovery journey and also to accept that there will be bad days.

My child, each journey you have started, I have been with you. You have gotten to places where you have wanted things to happen so fast that you choose to go for the fastest alternative. I have seen you lose many dreams because of getting demotivated along the way. Beloved, life is not a sprint, allow it to flow, with faith that I will never lead you astray. Whatever I have kept for you will never miss you, but even as you achieve, find more meaning to it.

Show yourself grace, just as I have and be kind to yourself and those around you. Just as on recovery, when you fail, do not be so hard on yourself. I will offer you help to be more enduring even when things don’t go your way. Follow me as a recovery patient would their doctor, I will take you to a place of healing and better understanding. When you reach your destination, you will have a new way of thinking that will align you to my will. Having patience will reward you greatly when you apply it mindfully in all areas of your life.

Learn To Forgive.

The biggest burden individuals who are on a recovery journey give themselves is constantly blaming themselves and refusing to let go of their own faults. You may think you deserve the tough treatment and you use the self-blame to steer you towards recovery. However, there is only a place you can get before you start feeling hopeless and have excess guilt. Recovery needs patience and a desire to be better and start all over again. Recovery fully begins when you accept where you are and choose to forge forward from there.

My child, forgiveness is not a sign of weakness and you should allow yourself to fully embrace it. You may be bitter with people and you feel very let down, such that you do not have room to be on good terms with someone. Imagine if you are a recovering patient and you keep pointing fingers at others or yourself, will healing ever truly happen? Healing begins when you accept the situation and agree to move on with no baggage. Beloved, let go of any pain that may be in your spirit and choose to start all over again. Remember that no one is perfect, and even then, I still love you the same.

My child, just as I have forgiven you, do the same to others and yourself. The same kindness you show others, show it to yourself too. my mercy and grace are before you, to give you hope that anything is possible. Bitterness holds you back, set yourself free and let me be in control of everything that gives you anxiety and worry. As you go through your journey, just as a recovery patient, receive my counsel and never-ending support.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

( 3 John 1:2)

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