Today’s Devotional

"Not One Of My Promises Fails, Every One Gets Fulfilled..."

Claim Your Promises From Me.

If you get lucky, you may never get to make a claim against your insurance.  However, when things go wrong and an unexpected event occurs, it may be loss or any other disaster, you are expected to be covered by your insurer. Every policy you buy is a promise of assistance when things go wrong, provided you fall within the terms of the policy. It is very valid to lodge a claim on your insurer and they are obligated to intervene and fulfill their promise.

My child, my promises are like the claim an insurance company gives you. My promises are your right, your privilege, and also there is a responsibility you need to fulfill. Are you aware of what you get when you abide in me? My promises are plenty and they are able to cover every aspect of your life. My child, you may be getting frustrated because you are not aware of what you get in me, it may lead you to lack so much because you have never claimed anything from me. Once you are called by my name and follow in obedience, there is nothing that you can ask for and not receive.

My child, the things I have kept in store for you can benefit you and your generations. It is an assurance that I will stand by you in good and bad times and you will lack in nothing.  As a citizen in a country who has abided by the law, it is your right to claim what is rightfully yours. Talk to me and remind me of my words, speak life to what I have assured you of, and watch all that comes to life. You are blessed, and every good thing you put your mind to shall come to pass, for this is your rightful claim from me, your father.

Making A Claim Is A Process.

Any insurance company tries to make the claim process as smooth as it can, but the policyholder has to go through some steps in the claims process. If you are well prepared and you have all the information the insurance company needs, making a claim becomes straightforward and easy. To make a claim, you have to call the insurance company immediately after an event happens. It is also necessary to understand the insurance policy to see if you have a valid claim. Following the guidelines of an insurance company makes them assist you way fast.

My child, my promises are many, but you may wonder how you can actualize them in your life. You are tired of struggling and you feel that this is the time to live a peaceful and abundant life. Nothing comes so easily unless you figure out what to do. Be patient and allow my guidance to lead you.

Without faith, it is impossible to please me.  Claiming my promises is a process that I want you to desire to know. When you start living in me, there is some degree of transformation and an indwelling of my spirit that will grant you immediate access to these promises. As you walk step by step with me in your life journey, you will realize the claims you make to me have started unfolding effortlessly because you will never ask for bread and I give you a stone instead. Allow my word to be your light, take it in full trust that I am able to keep it and never fail.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”

(Hebrews 10:23)

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