Today’s Devotional

"Make My Deeds Known Among Men, And Give Thanks to Your Lord..."

Create Room For Me

My child, are you overwhelmed with the clutter that may be filling your life? The chaos is stressful in this fast-paced society. You have so many projects with deadlines and so many responsibilities you have to fulfill to so many people. Sometimes, your mind has been so cluttered and busy that you forget what is important, that is making room for me in your life. Whenever you decide to live life without creating room for me, your life will be filled with chaos since you cannot access the protection I offer to those who give their lives to me. 

A Series of bad things may be happening in your life and instead of soul-searching to find what the problem is, you complain and claim that I have abandoned you. Other times you begin to doubt my presence and proclaim to others that I do not exist. You often wonder why it is that some people seem to be living well and their lives are free from chaos and trouble yet the secret lies in the fact that they have created room for me in their lives. 

Despite how busy you get, it is important to make room for quiet time to spend with me and enjoy the relationship we have together. This may not be easy, because there could be many distractions, but you need to be diligent in making room for me in every area of your life so that I can correct, teach and shape you into my image. Think about when was the last time you paused to focus on me? Focus and make an effort of creating room for me since this is a necessity, to trust that I unconditionally love you, and for you to diligently seek me. By making room for me, my everlasting presence will make all the difference in your life because you were made for communion with me

Worship Me In Different Ways.

My child, it seems harder than ever to make time to worship me. Whether it’s a busier schedule because of work, school-going children, or church being closed, you can agree that this is an area that can use some serious growth. The craziness and busyness cannot be all to blame, you honestly have not been giving me the praise I deserve. You are no longer a slave to sin, and because your heart is concerned about worshipping me, my spirit is perpetually shaping your heart to look more like me, for you to be able to walk more in the spirit.

My precious child, it is not only through one way that you can reach out to me. You can seek me through prayer but there are many ways to make us continually engage throughout the day even during your busy schedules. This can be through music, having some quiet time to meditate, through praise and thanksgiving, singing with your beautiful voice, or even how you do your work. The best way to grow in worshiping it is to do it selflessly. Go forth and worship me for I delight in it. Do not be selfish but proclaim my works to other people and invite them to make room for me in their lives. By worshiping me, you appease me and trigger me to open the doors of mercy and blessings into your life.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.”

(Exodus 23:25)

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