Today’s Devotional

"Trust In Me To Sustain You And Abide By Me At All Times To Receive Unending grace..."

Let Me Sustain You.

My child, you may have been in positions where you haven’t received proper treatment because you have depended on someone. You have felt desperate because you think there is no way out for you. Being in a position where you depend on someone might make them prone to discriminating and ill-treating you. When in such circumstances, do not give up because I am the giver of life and its chief sustainer. Call unto me and invite me to take charge and sustain you. 

It is true that difficult times happen, and needing help is inevitable. It is rare to find a fellow person, supporting you without getting any benefit from you, unless they genuinely love and care for you. You may dislike relying on people for anything because you feel it bruises your ego. I understand how this may feel, and I choose to give you a shoulder that will never complain about you relying on me. 

Beloved, I am delighted in sustaining you for you to continually get stronger. Do not be distressed when you are unable to provide for yourself and your loved ones for I will supply your every need. Have the assurance that everything that you encounter is in my control and that I have the power to turn around situations. Maintain your sustenance grip on me to supplement your every need. I do not complain when you attach yourself to me, that is my greatest joy, for a father to see their child grow and do well.

Get Rid Of The Negativity.

Beloved, what is that that is fully dependent on you, and rather than adding value in your life, it takes from it?  Often you may find yourself creating a sense of dependency on things that don’t have much importance. In most cases, the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself may lead you to become a slave of unnecessary things. For instance, getting into bad relationships. Though the need to feel like you are not alone may be there, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your well-being. Hand this emptiness to me, so that I can fix it. You have the potential of having beautiful and healthy relationships, and all this I have kept for you on the other side of healing

Dear child, I will protect you from that which is feeding on you and draining you, since it is denying you joy and you are no longer feeling hopeful.  Turn to me even with these things you may feel ashamed about. I understand where the pain comes from, hand it to me. Like a parasite that never leaves where it gets its sustenance from, stay close to me and hold on tight. Unlike the parasite that never leaves, until its host is weakened and can no longer sustain it, I can never get weakened just because you are depending on me hence take up the chance to depend on me and allow me to sustain you. I will restore your broken relationships, those that can serve a good purpose and grant you power and victory over your struggles. I will always walk with you and help you in times of weakness. I will embrace you, forgive your sins and heal your heart. No temptation shall overpower you and nothing will dominate over you. I am your hope and salvation.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”

(1 Peter 5:7)

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