Today’s Devotional

"Happy is you who lives righteously, for you are always guided and protected by my abounding love..."

Do not be ashamed of serving me.

I see the agony in your heart. You feel alone and empty. You desire for me to walk with you so that you may not stumble and fall. You feel like I have abandoned you. You are discouraged and cry out for strength and endurance. You call on my name to open your truth to others. You are in distress for the persecution and condemnation that you suffer for praising my name.

My child, live a life that serves and honors me. Being in my service involves making sacrifices. Beloved, I will give you the wisdom to speak my truth and defend my name whenever dirt is thrown upon it. Stand up for me and prove that I am indeed the Lord. Defend my name for I cannot speak for myself but reveal myself through my sufficient grace and power in you.  Deciding to live in my service may have you live a different kind of life that involves denying yourself of the pleasures of the world. Do not be ashamed of me and confess your faith in me to the world. Raise your head high for you serve the most high and do not be discouraged when people choose to seclude you and view you differently almost as an outcast because of your choice of lifestyle that differs from theirs. 

Do not be dismayed my child for even Jesus was persecuted and condemned for speaking for me and delivering the gospel. The challenges you encounter will strengthen you. I will reward you greatly for your sacrifices made in the name of my service. Preach to the people of my great works, delight in my service and I shall fulfill the desires of your heart

Beloved one, why are you in fear? What can the mortal man do to you? I will walk with you and make you strong and courageous. I will grant you endurance and faith in the face of persecution and condemnation. My child, I will greatly reward you for your work and service.

You are worthy of my salvation.

My child, the enemy has and will always put you through temptations and trials so that you may fall into sin. Every time you fall into temptations and commit sin, you accrue debt with me.  Sin has trapped you in darkness and robbed you of a peaceful life. Dear one, do not allow the enemy to take away your happiness by making you a slave of sin. He will feed on your soul, make you feel unworthy of forgiveness, and heavily weigh on your conscience.

Beloved one, you are free.  By my salvation through my son Jesus, you are free from the bondage of evil and sin. Your debt has been paid by the blood of Jesus.  Confess and repent your sins and accept the gift of salvation and redemption.  Work with me and change the lifestyle that often leads you to sin by living righteously so you may put the enemy to shame. 

Dear one, you are not alone, I am always here with you. By my power, you are saved.  My grace and protection will always be with you. I will arm you with strength that will help you fight against temptation and evil. You are healed and acceptable in my eyes for you are my child.

Pray that I may give you the courage to forgive yourself and free you from the anger and guilt of your sins.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation, and my God.”

(Psalms 43:5)

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