Today’s Devotional

"Spread my gospel and do not be ashamed of it. Live righteously and my grace and glory shall fall upon you..."

Spread my gospel.

My child, spread the good news to the people of the world so that those that will believe in it may receive salvation. Preach of how I perform great works and miracles to all that live by my command and the teachings of the gospel.  Share your faith by enriching the people with my gospel so that they may experience love, comfort, joy, faith, and hope in my salvation and you shall be greatly rewarded. Live righteously and conform not to the ways of the world so that you may receive my power to spread my gospel for the gospel is sacred and so you must be pure and cleansed of all evil and sin. Trust in my strength to guide you on your mission and do not be discouraged by the challenges along the way for you are chosen and anointed. You are a living testimony of my power and grace. 

Dear one, stay strong in the face of adversities on your mission of spreading my gospel. Fear not in the face of persecution and condemnation for spreading my message and teachings. Have faith in my power for I shall open their eyes to your truth.  Do not let the challenges you come across deter you from your mission. Cast all your anxieties and troubles to me and I shall equip you with the finances, power, strength, and courage to support your mission.

Do not be discouraged when people treat you differently because of your mission. Some may not believe you, others may think you are crazy, and others do not believe in me.  I will endow you with the character of Jesus so that you may be unwearied and unshaken. Remember that my son Jesus was condemned, hated, and persecuted for preaching the gospel but he always was victorious as his mission was eventually completed. He prayed persistently in those times he felt weak to receive power and strength to keep him going.

My child, worry not for you are called to serve me. In you lies my power and grace that will make you emerge victorious in your mission. You are safe and secured by my divine protection from evil, sin, and any other weapon of destruction meant to deter you from your calling. Pray persistently for my divine guidance that will strengthen, guide, and comfort you in times of adversities.

Practice what you preach.

My child, if you preach faith and the love of God then practice the faith and love by living by my guidelines and righteousness. Live by the word you spread to others and practice it as an example and guide to others. 

In the midst of challenges, practice faith, humility, patience, and trust in me. Stay strong in faith so that when my glory and grace fall upon you and rescue you from all your anxieties, you may be a testimony of my teachings and great work.  This way you will inspire people to find their way with me so that they may conquer all that burdens them and receive my salvation. Live righteously and away from the desires of the flesh for my power to work in you. Your sacrifices and obedience shall be greatly rewarded.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Therefore, we are ambassadors of Christ, God making his appeal through us we implore you on behalf of Christ, to be reconciled to God”

(2 Corinthians 5:20)

“You then who teach others, do you not teach yourself? While you preach against stealing, do you steal?”

(Romans 2:21)

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