Today’s Devotional

"You are the body of Christ and individually members of it..."

Find your identity in Christ.

My child, do you look at the mirror and are not pleased by the reflection? Do you not like what you see or are not aware of the person that reflects back? Do you perhaps feel tired of the person in the reflection because of what you have done or weary of the times you have let yourself down? You feel hopeless and one without a course and objective because of situations and circumstances in your life. The challenges and circumstances of life have thrown you into some type of identity crisis. In the midst of life situations and storms, you have lost sight of who you are and are left all weak and hopeless.

My child, abandon the negative image you have created of yourself or one created by others and adapt how I see and believe you are. You are a wonderful work of my creation crafted beautifully and wonderfully in my own image called and chosen by the most high God to serve my purpose. Do not allow the situations in life and your sins to move and define you. For instance, the marriage that was looking hopeful and promising of a happy ever after has made and taken one wrong turn and is now crumbling down to separation and divorce. The pain from the loss completely changes how you view yourself and makes you view yourself as a failure. This image of failure that you create of yourself reflects in other aspects of your life. This is when you beat yourself up and do not like what you see in your reflection or what you have become.

My child, does the end of marriage mean an end to your life? When you fail, why do you disregard my plans for you by denying yourself? Do you not know that you are called to serve a greater purpose? Dear one, the life situations, and difficulties should not define who you are rather strengthen and prepare you for the fulfillment of my plans for you. Whenever you are faced with adversities, lean not on your own understanding but turn to me for strength and courage to get you through the storms. In me, you shall have the courage and strength to be satisfied by the outcome of life situations as you shall understand that whatever happens in your life serves a greater purpose.

The enemy feeds off of your weak and confused state. He will either make you belittle yourself or think too highly of yourself often which both situations will lead to failure and destruction. He will subject you to temptations and sins so that you may drown and sink in darkness, despair, and eventually lose yourself. Turn to me in faith in those dark times to experience my power and glory.

Beloved, life will always be full of challenges and temptations and so, therefore, form a basis of your identity in me through my son Jesus so that then when the storms blow up, you shall remain unmoved and unshaken. Root your identity in me and you shall discover a purpose and meaning to your life. I shall tell you who you are and not who you think you are. I shall protect you from destruction and from the power of the enemy.  Repent and confess your sins so that you may embrace my salvation through Jesus and adapt a new identity in Christ through rebirth and renewal.  You shall receive steadfast faith in me and my purpose for you. Child, you are saved, blessed, appreciated, and loved by me.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

(Galatians 3:26)

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