Today’s Devotional

"Worry not and find comfort in my promises and in my love for you. My unending grace and power shall guide you at all times..."

My grace is sufficient to you always.

My child, do not be dismayed by the trials in your life. By faith, my power and grace are sufficient to you. The challenges of life may overwhelm you and make you anxious, cast your fears and desires unto me and I shall fulfill your desires.  Seek my grace always as it is my free gift to you and is a fulfillment of my promises to you through blessings and favor from me.

In those times of difficulties do not be dismayed but rather have faith in my grace and promises to you. My grace will save you from the troubles in your life and deliver you to greatness, be it in your career, in relationships, and in any other choices, you may make in life. Receive my grace for it shall inspire hope and peace. Child, have faith and hold on to it in your tough times, wait for me patiently you shall witness how my power and grace will deliver you from glory to glory. In times of adversities, do not be discouraged because everything that you encounter is a sign of my work in you, I am preparing you for greatness by my power and grace. Rest assured by faith that I will fulfill all my promises to you.

My child, grace is a sign of my undying love for you. Seek and embrace it as it came at a price, by the death and suffering of my son Jesus on the cross. By my grace, you are saved.

My child, always pray that you may receive my grace. That my grace may be sufficient to you in those times of need and all the time. That it may also guide you from taking a direction contrary to my desire.

Seek comfort from me.

I understand that life is not easy. There are those times you desire to feel comforted as you feel alone and abandoned in your troubles. You cry out for help for me to comfort you and give you strength to overcome your trials. You cry because of your sorrows.

My child, worry not for you may seek refuge and comfort in me amidst your struggles.  Upon receiving my comfort, you shall never know pain and sorrow again. In the times of adversities turn to my word and it shall give great comfort as it will assure you of my faithful nature to those that have faith and trust in me. My word will put you at ease and inspire you to persevere and endure when problems come knocking at your door. Pray for comfort always.  Rest easy and be assured of my power and grace to you will change the situations in your life.

Do not seek comfort in worldly pleasures as the peace and joy from it is short-lived. The worldly pleasures shall not give you true happiness and peace like the one you get from me

Pray that I may always guide you in strength and comfort in those times your heart is troubled.  I shall renew your strength and give you the courage to overcome. You are never alone for I am always present in your life at all times.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

(1 Peter 5:10)

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