Today’s Devotional

"My Child, Have Assurance In What You Do Not See, For That Is Faith..."

Having Surety On God’s Intentions.

Being sure about something needs you to fully trust. You cannot have surety on something you have not seen or you are not certain about its outcome. Taking an example of a parent, most children have surety that their parents will make sure their school fees are catered for. Despite them not knowing the source of provision, what they are sure about is that their parents care for them. Most times it is the love that people have towards you that makes you comfortable that they will do what is right by you in one way or the other.

I have known you even before you were in your mother’s womb, I formed you with love to achieve things that will bring me glory. Beloved child, the plans I have set aside for you are far beyond your imagination. You may be at a point where your surety on me decreases because life proves to be difficult sometimes. At this time, if there is anything you can bank on, it is that my love for you will not allow you to be lost.

Have surety that I have good intentions towards you, though you may not understand them at the moment. My child, my ways are not your ways, and nor is my thinking yours. My thinking looks further into your future, I seek a surety in your well-being, for both your spirit and your physical being. Do not lose hope, precious one, rather seek understanding and be patient as things unfold before you. When you continuously put your trust in me even in the small things, you will have surety that I will not let you down when you face even bigger issues. Let my love for you open your heart to fully surrendering yourself to my will, for in me there is no darkness or malice. You will never regret trusting me.

Take Me As Your Surety.

A surety is someone who accepts to take responsibility for another person who is accused of a crime. Being someone’s surety is a serious commitment and you have to understand what it truly means. You cannot agree to be a surety if you know you cannot supervise the accused person in the community. When you agree to be a surety, you pledge in money, which you could lose if the accused fails to show up in court. Your responsibility as a surety continues until the case of the accused is completely over.

My child, having someone you can truly rely on is a gift. You may try to get someone who will stand by you even when you make mistakes, but instead, you face a lot of judgment. You need that person who will see beyond your faults and weaknesses, and choose to walk with you even as you become a better person. I know that you will stumble and fall, and yet I still love you the same. You may think your case is too bad, but I still want to guide you in the right way.

I have loved you and I give you the everlasting consolation that, as long as you live, I will be your surety. I will increase your hope, comfort your heart, and establish you in every good work.  Come to my arms, when everyone else leaves, do not be afraid to tell me of your deepest faults, because together we can fix it to bring glory. For my mercies will always follow you forever, and I will rescue you from the deepest pits.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Sing, Oh heavens! Be joyful, Oh earth! And break out in singing, Oh mountains! For the LORD has comforted His people, and will have mercy on His afflicted.”

(Isaiah 49:13)

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