Today’s Devotional

"Fear not for I am your rock and fortress who will always protect you..."

I will defend and protect you.

My child, life will throw unto you many challenges that are meant to weigh you down but worry not for I will protect you. By faith, you shall conquer and be victorious. Do not despair in your troubles for in you lies my strength and power that will help you fight your battles.

The enemy is determined to kill and destroy you. He has plans of stealing from you and causing you harm. He has subjected you to darkness by his deceitful ways.  He wants to render you hopeless, destroyed. He desires to devour your life and lead you astray. He wants for you to lose faith in me by inspiring fear.

For instance, you could be facing charges in a court of law for something you have not done meaning you are falsely accused. You feel hopeless, afraid, overwhelmed, and alone.  Do not be dismayed for I, who sees it all and the injustice done to you by your life challenges and circumstances, will fight for you.

My child, life will always be full of challenges. As your redeemer, I will fight your battles and strengthen your hope and faith in me to keep you going.  Have a positive view of those battles the enemy has subjected you to as opportunities to reconnect you with me. Be alert and of sober mind and do not be twisted into what the enemy wants you to feel and be. Believe in me always and I shall deliver you to victory.

Beloved one, you have my power to deliver you to glory.  Be at ease for I will deliver you from all your fears. You are safe from the attacks of the enemy for I have built a fortress around you to protect you. Seek refuge in me for you are safer under my wings. I will protect and defend you from evil as your attorney wherever you may be.

You are safe in my arms

My child, in the midst of challenges, feel safe and secure under my wings. You may seek refuge in me and call unto me whenever you need help. Do not live in fear for I have redeemed you. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by situations in your life, my arms will be wrapped around you to assure you that everything will be okay. Feel safe in the knowledge that I will handle your situations as I have control over your life. Let go of your grip to control your life as you will be often disappointed as you do not determine nor plan the events that happen in your life. I, the Lord, determine what happens in your life and control the outcome, rest easy for your life is in safe hands.

Beloved one, every time you are faced by adversities always remember that I am always present in your life to carry you and walk with you. You are always secured in my arms. You are shielded from evil and calamities. The enemy has no control of your life in any way whatsoever.  Always seek my divine protection.

Always pray that I may protect you from the clutches of the enemy. That I may give you the power to give in to your troubles and evil.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior: you save me from violence.”

(2 Samuel 22:3)

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