Today’s Devotional

"No situation is not within your ability to overcome, trust in me and I shall provide you with an escape..."

Embrace work and shun laziness

Dear child, I know that there are those things that you desire. I see the pressure you are under to provide for yourself and your loved ones. You pray that I may give you that which you desire and take away your problems. You are worried and afraid that you may fail to provide for your huge family. You are overwhelmed by your many responsibilities. The enemy tempts you to engage in dishonest deceitful activities as a solution to your problems

For example, it is in my knowledge that you are required to pay school fees for your children on time failure to which they will be kicked out of school but due to your financial struggles, you are unable to meet that. That stresses your mind and compels you to turn to quick deceitful methods that will secure you with finance such as robbery and conning people.

Beloved one, shun laziness and embrace productivity. Remember child, I created work and my will for you is to work. I am not a lazy God.  Normalize engaging in honest work as I am an honest worker as well. Practice patience as you work for in my timing, I shall bless your work and fulfill all your needs and aspirations be it in your job,  school, in the farms, and any other places you invest your efforts Utilize the resources that I have exposed to you by multiplying and maximizing them through work. Do not be discouraged when your efforts do not bear fruits as immediate as you may want to. Work hard in faith and I will fulfill your desires and my great plans for you.

Turn to me in those times you feel worried, anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed due to your difficulties. I will come through for you and make a way even though there appears to be none. Cast your burdens unto me and I shall fight those battles for you and give you the breakthrough you need. Do not allow the devil to trick you into resolving sinful ways to achieve that which you desire such as involving in crime, cheating in exams, among other deceitful ways.

Pray that I may always give you the urge and desire to work. That I may bless your efforts and fulfill your needs.

Trust in God’s divine providence

My child, in those times that you feel hopeless and helpless turn to me for refuge and shelter. I witness how much weary you have grown from the worldly troubles that have come to you. I am aware that you are in distress and dismay. I am fully aware that you have suffered unfair unemployment due to unexpected circumstances and calamities such as pandemics. This has thrown you into suffering and worry as you do not have a source for catering to your needs and those of your loved ones. 

Dear one, worry not for I have plans of greatness and prosperity for you. Do not be afraid because of your circumstances for I am faithful and I shall fulfill all my promises. Take heart my child for everything that happens, happens to serve my purpose and will.  Be patient with me and I shall fulfill all that your heart desires. In my own timing, I will make things right for you.

Pray that in times of trouble I may strengthen your faith in my providence

Reflect On These Words Today:

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

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