Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, life will be challenging, and you will be saved through the trust you have in me..."

The cost of trusting me

Those who have not made it a habit to trust in me in their journey through life often suffer and are passed through difficulties. Hardship, though nobody’s desires, will always be present in life. If you do not trust in my protection and restoration the challenges will weigh you down greatly and make you a bitter and stressed person when they occur to you. You live in days that hold unanticipated activities. You do not know what will happen in the next hour of your day. When a problem that demands your attention arises, you will not be ready and never will.

My child, I know you have gone through many problems in one way or another, and you can tell that however little or big any problem was, it wasn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, my child, entrust your life to me and taste my goodness. If nobody has ever told you, read my word and see that the secret of living a good life is leading a life that has me in it. For one, never do I allow you to go through troubles in your life. If in a situation, I give you the strength to get you out of it and not to endure it, for it is not my wish to see you suffer.

My dear child, life will amaze you at one minute amaze you and the next minute start to make unpredictable curves, and all the things which were flowing nicely and smoothly start to feel uncertain. Imagine when you are living your best, something out of nowhere happens, and you suddenly trip as you walk and possibly break your leg. Your life is now at a halt. Have you planned for it? Did you see it coming? Of course not! This will discourage you, and the evil will instill fear, worries, and anxiety to worsen the situation. Oh, dearest, I urge you to trust in me with all your heart. Do not live under what you know, for it is nothing compared to my knowledge. Believe in me, admit and make it renowned of my name and I will make your paths straight. Anything you set to do in life will have me near you, and the challenges will not subdue you.

Confide In Me.

The problems you have undergone up to now in your life should have taught you that there is no problem you can solve without me. Is there a place you often visit to take your concerns to? And if any, why haven’t they averted the continuity of the challenges in your life? My child, I remain the same as yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so my ways never change, and I have kept promises for you. A reason I am worth being in your life. When you pray to talk about how hard your life is to me, I will be generous to get you out of those situations that make it unbearable for you. I care about you and will give attention to those who confide in me. 

Despite the challenges in life, give thanks for what has been good in your life. Problems would make you feel as if nothing good has ever happened to you. I work in your life, whether at a bad or good time in your life. My mercies are always with you. How you give thanks when in the good times is how you should when in bad times. How there was light and grace in good days of your life is how you should believe there is in the bad. I am present and making myself known to you. Trust in me grows when you look for my presence when experiencing challenges, for I never leave your side.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”

(Psalm 37:5)

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