Today’s Devotional

"My child, not only do I heal but through my son, I restore your life to a life free of sin..."

The need for my healing

In a world with infectious diseases, it’s nearly impossible to evade one.  The extent to which the disease affects you varies from whether you would require a health officer.  You are not cognizant of when you get ill and what effects it will have on you.  When your condition worsens, you consider the need to see a health officer.  This is not different from when you wait until you suffer through a challenge in your life and want my help.  Otherwise, when your plans are going on smoothly, you do not see the importance of my presence in your life.  As much as I want you to come to me when a challenge is at you, I want you to involve me even when celebrating success in your life. 

My child, you have been made to believe that you will be healed when the most experienced doctor treats you, how well they are known, and the achievements they have made.  Alternatively, seek me because nothing matches my credentials. I will heal you and protect you from contracting diseases, something they can’t.  My power will get you from challenges that you have gotten yourself into.  Do not wait until something starts to get out of hand and you want to reach me.  Seek my presence to always be with you.  You need me in your life and there is nothing you would do without me because I am in total control of the universe and beyond. I will save you from falling into temptations of accepting the evil one who brings challenges.  I also heal by forgiving sins you have committed, for you to inherit my kingdom, you need to separate yourself from the evil one who makes you sin.  I will take your problems like mine,  so worry not for I will come to you if you ask me to.

Restoring your life through my son

My dear child, you have had to live a life where you often make mistakes.  You act contrary to how I want you to, which is a part of your human nature.  My son did come to you, the sinners, so that he can mend and restore you.  He sacrificed to die on the cross for the restoration of your life.  His death is a symbol that your sins are forgiven.  By doing so, he has prepared you to have a good stay in the world, as well as eternal life.  He also renewed our relationship, which was broken by the first people created. 

Through my son, Jesus, all things in heaven and earth have been reconciled with me.  By restoring our right relationship, he has opened the door for you to live in a good relationship with each other, yourselves, and the creation, which broke right after Adam and Eve broke the relationship between you and me. You are now ambassadors of Christ, spreading the need for reconciliation. The way you treat each other tells more about whether you restore Christ or not.  A restored life has been freed from sin.  Look into your ways and change to not take you back to a life where the enemy is in control.  When you hear and obey my word, you will save yourself from the repercussions of not doing so.  Embrace Christ and me in your lives to receive blessings and protection at all times.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross so that we might die to sins and live for the righteousness; by his wounds, you have been healed.”

(1 peter 2:24)

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