Today’s Devotional

"When I Strengthen You, You Can Do All Things..."

Let Me Direct Your Life.

Often, people have many plans for their lives. They often have it figured out, they know where they want to be in the next few years, and they start working towards it. However, most of the plans they have carefully drafted, hardly come to pass. You might have experience with this, where the plans you made, mostly took a different turn. You may have planned to start a project and you have envisioned it, then things that you did not foresee happen, and your dreams and goals are derailed. Other times, you have felt frustrated and disappointed, and you choose to give up on them and never try to complete them. Life happens and takes away your happily ever after, you may think that I do not care about you, or life has decided to take a downward spiral. The truth is that often you have tried to build your own plans for your life, and never include my plans for it. You may have worked so hard and built a good life for yourself, only for it to come crashing down.  You may look at your life and find you are at the beginning again, with only a foundation left, and now that your plan has failed, will you try it my way?

My child, my way is the best, what looks like an ending is only a beginning. Where I am leading you, you will experience more joy than you have ever done before. Hand over the reins of your future to me, and let me work out my plan for you. I am all-knowing and I see your whole life, there is no need for you to follow a path that looks good at the start only for it to lead you to a very dark and lonely future. Though you may not like what I do for you at the beginning, you will come to realize that that was actually the best plan.

Find Joy In New Beginnings.

Sometimes you hold onto something so dearly that you limit the purpose it was intended to serve. You may have been blessed with a good spouse, but most of the time you are filled with insecurities and you constantly try to control their lives. You may have forgotten that this is an independent person with their own goals to pursue.  You may constantly live your life with worries about where they are and what they are doing, which makes you live with anxiety and fear. Marriage was intended to be beautiful and for companionship, and in this scenario, you have limited its work in your life.

My child, what is the benefit of having something that drains you? For you to have a good life, you have to release the perceptions you have and the way you do things. My child, this is time to have a new beginning, to step out of your comfort zone and fear and trust again. Have joy in not being in control all the time, let things unfold themselves before you as they should. I know when you need a change, and though it may be uncomfortable, it will help you believe again, and live freely.  I will strengthen your heart and renew your mind. Once you begin again, you will notice that your relationships are healthier, you are less afraid, and you are fulfilling your purpose without trying to be captain. You will be flexible to my changes in your life, and maybe you may desire more transformation with time.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.”

(Job 8:7)

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