Today’s Devotional

"Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled Or Afraid, My Peace I Give You, Not As The World gives..."

Allow Me To Restore Your Peace.

I long for you to be marked by my peace. I long for you to have peace in the bad and good times because I will always remain faithful and good to you. I long for you to be so found in me, that the world can’t shake you. You have every reason to live with the cares and stresses of the world, the only thing that has been keeping this off is because I dwell in you. I have given you my peace in every way at all times. When you serve me, my spirit will dwell within you. I will bear the fruit of peace in your life if you live in continual communion with me.

You may be experiencing difficult times in your life, you may have children to take care of, while still having the need to create a good future for them. Your marriage may be in a rocky place, and you hardly see each other eye to eye. You may experience pressure from all corners of life and there is so much you need to keep up with. Circumstances begin to rob you of your peace the minute you choose to live as if I am not within you. Trials and tribulations have become so consuming to you because you have allowed them.

My child, do not live with your physical eyes as your main source of truth. I have granted you spiritual eyes, you need to have faith in my faithfulness and goodness regardless of your circumstances. You have a choice to live in union with me and let me be the foundation of who you are. You are not alone, and never have you ever been.  Leave all those things that worry you to me, and let me handle them one by one. Thinking about the future will not help in anything, do what you can and let me handle the rest.

Unite With Me And Trust.

Beloved one, you will only live with peace to the level you let me in your life. In every situation, I am ready and willing to empower you, lead you, sustain you and fill you with peace, all these as a response to your trust.  Peace is your potion, embrace it and stand on my promises. Take captive your emotions and surrender them to me. Let me take charge of your life. You may panic about so many things, the world has so much unpredictability. One day you build and the next day everything crumbles down. Rely on my unchanging nature, let it be the foundation that offers you stability.  

My peace transcends anything you may experience in your life, you may be getting auctioned, you have lost your job, and the fruit of your labor over the years may be lost, yet you do not get angry, but rather you believe in my plan for your future. Continue trusting that my perfect, pleasing plans will be done in your life. Take time to ground yourself in me, allow my peace to flow within you Turn your eyes from the world as your source of peace, and set them instead on me. I am near to you in a powerful and mighty way, open your heart to me, and receive my loving presence.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

(Mathew 6:33)

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