Today’s Devotional

"Faith Comes From Hearing My Word..."

Practice Silence And Solitude.

In a world that has so much going on, you may hardly find time to be totally alone. It is surprising how loud you may find silence, mostly when you are not used to it. My child, this may be a time for you to break from the chaos, from the crowds and noise more than you think.  I desire you to practice the discipline of being in silence so that I may talk to you. I have made you for seasons, to experience noise and be in silence. It is not healthy for you to always have people around you and also to lack them completely. You may be living in an urban area where life is so busy, noisy and everyone is always in a rush. You may have been accustomed to that life such that you do not know how to live differently. Also, you may be living in a quiet area but the responsibilities of life and all the things you get to do in a day, rarely leave you any time to be still. By the time the day is ending, you may be so tired and that is the only time you have to be on social media and communicate with other people. With the constant information that you have been fed, the enemy lies to you that you should always be busy, for you to feel productive. You may have concluded that meditating and waiting is a waste of time, and there is so much you could have been. 

My child, our relationship needs constant work, and like any normal relationship, there has to be communication. Often you have come in my presence in a rushed manner, you may come and tell me what bothers you and what you want me to do for you, you may bring your requests as if you are ordering something from a shop, and once you say what you need to say, you quickly leave my presence. You may wonder why your prayers are not being answered, and why you are not getting direction from me.  You may conclude that I am silent, and I can never speak to you or even think that I have special people to speak to. Even with this, your prayers have started sounding more like a responsibility and less like communication. I am displeased by the recital of words, and feigning holiness and going back to your ordinary life.

My child, I am in your midst, can you tell? I am mighty to save and I always rejoice over you, I desire to quiet you with my love. I desire you to stay with me in silence, there has never been a greater need to be alone to listen to me, as there is now. In this world, information comes from everywhere, information that is misleading, filled with malice and lies. If you do not know what I am saying about a matter, you will easily get lost.

I dwell in silence, and in the stillness of your heart, I will make things known to you. Spare your time, and get that which is more important. I will tell you my purposes over your lives, I will draw your attention to things you need to take care of or avoid. I am all-knowing, with my wisdom, will guide you to the right paths of life.  Have you been so confused about what to do with your life, be patient in my presence, and get the answers you so much seek? I will set you apart for myself when you commit your mind, trust, and time to me. All these things of the world are vain; it is only in abiding in me that your heart will find rest.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Call me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

(Jeremiah 33:3)

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