Today’s Devotional

"I Saved You Because Of My Mercy And Not What You Have Done..."

Let Me Continually Work In You.

Imagine yourself playing in a game, but your head is facing down because you have been really losing, and then your coach walks in the room with a trophy informing you that it is yours. That it has been secured for you and therefore you can continue playing and enjoying the game, competing as those who have already won.  You would be able to fully trust the process because you are sure of the outcome- that you are a winner.

My child, I have saved you but you may be in doubt consistently. You may be trying to work out your salvation to show me that you deserve it- you are trying to get the trophy. Any time you fall, you have felt afraid that you have lost me and you are no longer saved. You may be walking in fear and so cautious not to lose my salvation, such that it has turned to hold you captive.  You need to trust that I am working in you, even though I have already won the fight. Allow yourself to be free, by letting go of that big responsibility, which however hard you work, you can never earn for yourself. You may be walking righteously outwardly, and others see you are a role model but have you ever thought if your stand with me is out of fear or out of love? You may walk right because you do not want to lose your position in me, and you want to benefit more from me, or also out of love, where you do not want to grieve my spirit, and you are keen on serving me with the way you live.

My precious one, allow me to be wisdom, righteousness, and redemption to you, meaning that I have already accomplished it, but now I am working it in you. Trust me to make you holy, not because of anything you have but because of the work I have already done for you.  You may be judging others because you feel like your walk is right with me. You may believe yourself to be perfect such that you do not need me to guide you through anymore. You may have all these things that you tell people to do if they want to be approved by me. I urge you not to lose humility, but to remember that you need to walk on, consistently seeking me because you are not perfect, anyone would be lying to claim that they are without sin.

I Have Conquered It All.

As my child, do not walk face down in shame. I have taken away your shame and I have forgiven your sin. Once you have been in me and you have seen the severity of your sin, guilt may fill your heart, such that you keep wallowing about the things you did, and repenting about them over and over again. You may spend so much time, focused on the wrong thing, which makes it difficult to work through you. 

I have conquered it all, and I have given you a new slate to start again. Do not stay there and constantly remind me of a debt that I have already paid. Would you say you have strong faith in me? That you believe that what I say is true. Have faith in my word, and when I tell you to stand up and walk free because you are forgiven, then do so. My love for you is so strong that there is no mountain, nor valley, no sin, no evil that will separate me from you.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

(Acts 4:12)

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