Today’s Devotional

"You Fill Me With Joy In Your Presence, You Make Known To Me The Path Of Life..."

Have Complete Joy

Joy is something that people talk about, however, most don’t know what it’s like to experience complete joy or even understand it. You may be sad that things are not working out, or because your life is not where you had envisioned it would be. You may think that you will find your joy when you get possessions or make accomplishments, but true joy is found through abiding and going deeper with me. You may easily confuse joy with happiness or an intense feeling of being excited. However, joy is much richer and does not depend on your feeling towards your situation, it is not easily shaken.

How beautiful are the moments you choose to fellowship with me. There are moments where you have prayed and out of the genuineness of your heart, I have met you there. I have seen the desire your heart is filled with, to worship me and to stay in my presence. It is never a dull moment when you speak to me and I get to respond back. I am pleased when you sing my praises and recognize my sovereignty. The way your heart, like a lamb, leaps with joy when my spirit is there present with you. You have kept your heart still in me, I have told you things that your heart has taken humbly. I have known that in you I have a servant. You have prayed for my children and have asked me to intervene on their behalf. You have wanted to know which path I should take you and like a good father, I have been pleased to show you the refreshed and steady path.

My beautiful child, I desire that you come back to me, that you spend your time with me as you used to. Cry to me for the needs of others as well as your own. Ask me to give solutions to the problems that weigh down your heart, have you once asked and I denied you a solution?  I understand that you may have gone through situations that were so hard on you, and you experienced so much ruthlessness from the people and the world. Be keen and look into the situation, did I ever leave you? You called me and asked me to save you, and though you may not be where you wanted to be yet, you can surely see the beginning of a new thing in your life.

My dear one, when you stayed in me, and prayed, remember the peace that filled your heart. Remember the laughter that came to you, that though you didn’t have everything figured out, you were filled with so much joy. A feeling that you couldn’t be able to explain, took you off your feet and showed you all the possibilities of my power. When you look to the heavens you see my might and in the winds, you see my strength, in the sun, you see it waiting to obey me. Come back to me my child, let me fill you with the truth. That which you may be seeking from the world you may never find. You will look, you will seek it in love relationships, in money, and in all the material things of the world, and you will not find it. The heavens wait for your return, for the day that you will pray and fellowship together with me. Let me touch and soften your heart, know that I will always take care of you.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing.”

(Proverbs 10:28)

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