Today’s Devotional

"A Gift Ushers A Giver Into The Presence Of The Great..."

Take Delight In Generosity

When it comes to sharing with the less fortunate, you may have many excuses on why not to give. Often you think you will start giving abundantly when you are more blessed and have sufficient for yourself. You may waste money on many ungodly things that help someone who is in need. I have given you a responsibility to give, and it shouldn’t only be money. You can give food, clothes or even offer to spend your time. What sacrifices can you say you are making for other people? You have to give cheerfully without expecting anything in return and be empathetic to people’s problems. I am close to the lowly and feel great compassion for the poor, in the same way, you should imitate this.

You may have reached a position in your life where you lacked, and daily you didn’t have an idea of what you will do. You may have struggled financially and everything you are doing about it isn’t just working. At the time, no one might have understood you, and you must have felt embarrassed having to ask for help so much. Even though you lacked enough, I was sure to come through for you, and you always found what you were provided for, even if you didn’t have a clue how things would work out. You understand firsthand how devastating it can be to be stuck in problems that feel like they are drowning you and you don’t know your way out of it. You also know that I am a God who is not limited and I have people at my command who will follow my instruction, even if they don’t have an idea, they will find you where you are and meet your needs. I have been generous to you and you know you can count on me to continue being this way. 

My child, my faithfulness is not dependent on anything you do or fail to do. And for this reason, you can trust my promises, that my intentions towards you are perfect. If I hadn’t shown myself to be faithful, it would be very difficult to wait, when you are struggling, since you wouldn’t be sure I would show myself in your life.

Everyone has good thoughts about their lives. You also want to live a good comfortable life. You may have so many desires and dreams you want to fulfill, like living in stability and being surrounded with abundance.  Slowly as life goes by, the reality seems to be further from the desires you have. This may have become quite difficult and now you just want to live in peace. Now other people’s situations may be worse because there will never cease to be poor people in a society. With the experiences you have, my child, I urge you to open your hand to your brother and to those who need help.

It is more blessed to give than to receive, I will pour goodness to you when you give generously and lend to my children.  When you conduct your affairs with justice and remain righteous, you will never be shaken and you will be remembered forever. When I come to you hungry, give me something to eat, when I’m thirsty give me something to drink, when I come as a stranger, invite me, and when I am naked, clothe me. When I am sick, look after me, when I am in prison visit me, because whatever you have done to someone else, you have done to me. be watchful and do not despise anyone, because you all are my children.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us, your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

(2 Corinthians 9:11)

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