Today’s Devotional

"Oh, Lord! Hurried And Do Not Delay To Keep Your Commandments..."

There Are No Delayed Prayers.

Many times when people pray, they expect their answers to come right there when they want. In your mind, you may think that I have not heard you because you do not see a change in your life, but I am always on time. You worry so much about your timing, but forget about my timing, how I planned things to happen. I am not like a man, what you think to be long is a short time for me, there have been times in your life where I have given you a promise, which was so supernatural, that you thought it wasn’t for you. After constantly knocking on my door, you may have felt the peace that you have been heard, but even then things might not have happened overnight, it took some time, but I didn’t delay either nor was I late. Have you thought that maybe if I had answered sooner, you would have been in trouble? I saw things that you did not see and I allowed you to learn things that you wouldn’t have learned if you didn’t wait.

My child, you may have thought I was joking when I promised you a great thing, but years pass without it being fulfilled. You may have given up entirely and moved on to do things by yourself. The greatest blessings you will get in life are those that you have been praying for over a period of years. Usually, the longer you pray and wait for something the greater the blessing becomes.  You have been able to wait for years to get a degree and graduate, to carry a child who is a big blessing, and these things have greatly impacted your life. If you want beautiful, extraordinary things, then it will take you time to prepare for them.

Beloved, even though sometimes you may not understand why I haven’t answered your prayers, do not result in complaining, frowning, or finding fault with what I say. I know some cases may be urgent, and you feel frustrated that if this doesn’t happen now, then something may go wrong, could be having an ill loved one in hospital, who unfortunately passes on despite the prayers. Even though you do not understand why, then trust me with your whole heart, have faith that I do not want to cause you unnecessary pain. Seek me at these moments and let me comfort you without trying to lean on your own understanding.

Sometimes, you feel like, “God I know you can change this situation if you wanted to, then why not do it now? am I not faithful enough?” and in your mind because of disbelief, you are forcing me to prove myself. The best thing to do when you don’t understand is to be like a child and rest in my arms, and find your peace in believing I have good plans. I am in control and when you rest fully upon me, you will feel secure.

You Will Not Always Get Answers As You Want.

My child, sometimes I have answered your prayer already but you do not see the answer in the way you expected or wanted. Sometimes still, I am making things perfect in my own way. Before you call me, often I have answered, while you are still speaking I have heard but at the right time, everything will align. Though I may be silent, I am always at work, fighting on your behalf, you need only to be still. Take a keen note and see that there is something that you are learning from your wait. Learn not to rush when I’m working, praise even when the answer is nowhere in sight. Take this as a good time to deepen our relationship and enjoy it without expecting something from it.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.”

(Isaiah 55:6)

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