Today’s Devotional

"Seek To Be A Worker Who has No Need To Be Ashamed, But Present Yourself To Be Approved By God..."

Whenever you are attending an online university college, you spend most of your time alone, making all the study schedules by yourself. Online university college provides the need to apply critical thinking skills every day. This skill can be developed in a classroom; however, you will be more aware of what you need to do in an independent learning setting. Once you know what you want out of your online university college, you will put your focus on it, and without trying to follow anyone else, you will create self-motivation and pace yourself. Independent learning has you facing more decisions and challenges and in this solitude, you come out a better student and prospective employee.

My child, you have felt alone for some time, your loved ones or people you cared for may have left and you do not know how to start all over. My child, though your heart may feel low, know that solitude is an important discipline in your spiritual journey. Though this has saddened your heart, try to look at it from a more positive perspective. You will experience me restoring your soul and guiding you when you are alone and focused on me. My child, do not further complain, rather open up your mind to me. My peace I will always give you; incline your ear to me, be patient enough to listen to me, and I will tell you things that you knew nothing about. When you are alone, think critically as in an online university college student, let your heart be repentant, and rest in my salvation. In this quietness, trust in my strength. Do not let your heart be troubled precious one, nor be afraid of anything as I surround you with my love and presence. Be still and know that I will always be your God.

Have Better Access To Me As An Online University College Student.

Online university colleges have allowed students from all over the world to interact and study at whatever school despite the location. Now students get a broader perspective and also have an understanding of other cultures. When learning was through a traditional class only, people could only know what would be directly helpful to their society. Online university college has given students access to so much diversity, such that change happens everywhere in a fast and similar way. Online university college helps you be innovative, and innovation comes from outside your immediate world.

My child, when the veil got torn the moment my son died on the cross, you gained access to me and that has been good news to my children. You have sought help from everywhere, you probably think some people can speak to me way better than you do. My precious child, there in your room, alone, you have access to me. I am now an online university college, and you can reach me, at whatever time in whatever place. What a joy it is to listen to you, my child.

Beloved, when you come to me, come with boldness and confidence, as you would before your father because you are no longer a stranger or alien, you belong to the house of God. Just as you are justified to attend an online university college when you make your payments, I have also permitted me to have access to me because of your faith.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him”

(Psalms 62:5)

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