Today’s Devotional

"Victory Is Won Through Many Advisors, But With Lack Of Guidance, A Nation Falls..."

Therefore, There Is No Condemnation.

My child, why do you allow the consequence of sin to cause a constraint on our relationship? Do you not know that living in sin results in your spiritual death? Any act that defies me and goes against my commands is regarded as a sin. Often you take advantage of my love for you and live as you please instead of living righteously and that is what results in disobedience.

I am aware of the emptiness you may feel when you are out of my presence. You are in distress as you have lost the true joy that comes from my salvation. I feel your desire to get back the peace and satisfaction in your life. You turn back to worldly pleasures to fill this void that has been created, and this just worsens the situation. The enemy may have crushed you with feelings of guilt and shame. By this, he has trapped you in the bondage of sin and anguished your heart. I have heard your cry for help and seen how you desire redemption. Sin has not only stained your relationship with me but your relationship with others as well. You want a way out of your misery and suffering and from the chains of the enemy.

My child, you are free from the bondage of sin. By my steadfast love, mercy, and compassion you are free from transgressions. Worry not for there is no sin that is too great for me to forgive. Turn from sin through repentance and seek the gift of redemption through me. Fear not for you are redeemed, forgiven, free from oppression, and no longer under condemnation. I will deliver you from this life that doesn’t befit you and show you greater things that come with being saved. The enemy has no power over you for you have me. I advocate for you and defend you, I have paid your debt, and therefore no accusation will stand against you. Beloved, let us make this relationship right. You are restored to my favor therefore walk consciously in the light of my countenance because your sins are forgiven.

I Will Be Your Guide.

Beloved, how do you intend to live without my light to guide you? Living a life that lacks my guidance will be meaningless. I would love to guide you on what to do and what not to. You may feel able to handle most things, but the wisdom the world offers can be so misleading and you may end up living entirely out of my will. Allow me to reveal things to you, and if you pray for wisdom I will give it to you generously.

Abide by me and choose to follow my steps, though they may not be hasty, they will be sure. Practice patience and wait for things to unfold. For you to allow me to be your guide, you have to fully trust me. No one wants a guide whom they will constantly question on the direction they are being led, because they feel he is not reliable. So for you to let me in, believe that all the plans I have for you are those for good. Rest on me my dear one, you have been in charge for so long, how about you surrender yourself to me and let me be the captain?

Thoughts To Reflect on Today:

“My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.”

(1 John 2:1)

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