Today’s Devotional

“Your body is my temple; allow me to take care of you and protect you from those who seek to harm you..."

When Your Spiritual Health Deteriorates

Just like people seek the help of medical professionals when sick, I beseech thee to seek my help and call out to me when you exhibit signs of your deteriorating spiritual health. Some of the symptoms indicating that you require urgent attention include Normalizing sin, where you begin to feel less guilty whenever you sin and you have no urge to repent and seek my help, feeling unworthy, where you begin to think that you are too stained with sin that I can not forgive you and with this mentality you depart away from me and choose to live in sin amongst other symptoms. 

It is critical that you seek me urgently if you exhibit those symptoms for I am a good spiritual doctor. I am a loving father who is ready to forgive you for all your sins no matter how many they are. Whenever you feel unworthy of my grace and love, turn to me for I will always turn back to you and make you white regardless of how stained you look.

My dear child, allow me to take care of you by letting me become your God. Your body is delicate and your human nature is prone to sin hence you need to seek my grace. Do not feel guilty after promising me that you will evade sin then you find yourself sinning because I am the creator and I understand your human nature. I am pleased by people who acknowledge that they are undeserving of my mercy and they repent genuinely. I see the hearts of men and as long as you repent genuinely, I will always forgive and accept you back into my kingdom. I am a forgiving God who does not judge his people harshly. Whenever you feel embarrassed just because you were not able to withstand temptation and ended up falling into sin, turn to me and seek my forgiveness and grace. There are times when you fall short of my glory and because you have not taken care of your spiritual health, you become afraid and hide your face away from me.

Take Care of Your Spiritual Health

Just like you seek consultations from medical professionals about living a lifestyle that is not dangerous to your health, seek me on matters of your spiritual health. I am a reliable consultant who is ready to help anyone that is willing to make a positive change. I do not ignore my people when they come calling out for me seeking my help.


My precious one, take care of your spiritual health for you to lead a holy life and maintain a good relationship with me. Allow me to be your spiritual health consultant and I will fill you with my grace to protect you from sin. You may be wondering how you are supposed to take care of your spiritual health and some of the ways to do so are through; repenting your sins, departing from the ways of the evil, seeking my grace, reading the scriptures, and ensuring you have a prayer life. Through this, your spirit will always be on guard and you will be able to escape the numerous traps that might have been set out for you.

Thoughts of the Day To Reflect on;

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and he will make your paths straight.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6)

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