Today’s Devotional

"When the floods of life threaten to wash you away; trust in my timing for I will urgently come to your rescue..."

When Disaster strikes

A disaster gives nobody a notice on when it shall occur hence one can only speculate but can never be prepared fully for the date it will occur or its intensity in unknwn. With the disaster striking, you need a repair person to help you minimize the damage of the disaster and ensure that everything is running on smoothly like before. 

My precious one, allow me to be the repairer of your broken heart and let me mend your broken spirit for I see how the enemy has corrupted you and deceived you into following his ways yet this has only resulted in your damage. The enemy has only brought you calamity in your spiritual life, destruction on your path and tried to block your vision which only distracts you from the purpose that I created you to achieve yet that purpose should be your main focus while you exist on earth.

Unless you allow me to be your repair person, you will never get the clarity of your mission and all you will be feeling is emptiness and loneliness.  A spiritual disaster is an urgent case that needs to be checked into immediately hence you need not waste time in seeking me.

For me to be your spiritual repairer, you first need to acknowledge my existence and believe that I have the necessary skills to repair you. Accept that you have been deceived by the enemy who is just a fake repair person and that is why trouble and calamity cannot seem to exit your life. This is possible by repenting your sins and choosing me above everything and everyone else.

Allow Me To Fix and Mend You

When a dress is torn and taken to a tailor, it is up to the tailor to repair and redesign the dress in their own way as long as the damage is fixed. Since they are skilled and experienced in the area, once contracted, they are left on their own to fix it.

My dear child, why is it that you claim to entrust me with your life yet you keep doubting me? Are you not aware that I knew you long before I formed you in your mother’s womb? Why is it that you claim to have faith in me yet you are restless as doubts cloud your mind? Is your faith in me too weak that you cannot sleep in peace knowing that I got your back?

Since you have entrusted me to fix you and mend your broken heart, allow me to do it my way. The truth is that my ways are not the ways of men. While you may feel like I am drilling you so hard, I just want to ensure that I fix you on a strong foundation so that you can withstand all the storms of life that you encounter. I am allowing you to feel and endure massive pain to make you strong enough for your mission requires you to have courage and be strong. You are special to me and your assignment is great hence unlike the rest, your load will be heavier. This does not mean that I love you any less but it is a sign that I have made you strong enough for the task at hand.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“Yet you Lord are our father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

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