Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, allow me to be in your life and I will fix the broken parts and make you whole again..."

When you require repair

When things such as machines begin to have issues with their performance, it is a sign that they are faulty and a clear indicator that they require repair. My child, when you become trapped in sin and turn away from me, it is a clear sign that you need repair. Your frustrations, depression and worry are evidence that you need the help of a repair person to check up on you, identify the problem and repair it. 

Dear child, whenever you are broken, call out to me and I will repair you and fix you back to your original condition. Like the repair person, entrust me with all the broken parts of your life and I will fix them. Trust me with your broken life and be hopeful that it will be fixed and resume its normal functions. Just like things in a good condition cannot be fixed, I do not fix the righteous but my focus is on the sinners.  Stop hiding away from me whenever you fall into temptations and sin for I came to save and rescue the sinners.

I am the good shepherd who leaves the ninety nine sheep and goes in search of the missing one sheep. The world may judge you simply because they feel like you are too much of a sinner and the devil may try to manipulate you by deceiving you that you are not worthy to be in my presence or call out my name. Do not let the opinions and judgment of the world, for they do not have the skills to do repair. However, I am assuring you that you need to trust in me and like a potter let me restructure and mold you accordingly and as I please.

Good maintenance of your soul

Once a broken machine is repaired, the owner is tasked to ensure good upkeep and its maintenance. To aid in this, the repair person can choose to conduct regular check ups to ensure it is functioning fully and to minimize any damage that may be as a result of poor maintenance. The truth is that any device that is not properly maintained does not last long but instead they are quick to be faulty. Although some people argue that the cost of maintenance is always high, the cost of repairing a broken device is greater hence it is more cost effective to stick to great maintenance.

My precious one, once I have called you into my kingdom and forgiven your sins, you need to understand that you have let go of your former life and you now have a new life in me. After fixing a broken machine, it may not immediately fully function like it used to but with time it will adjust accordingly. In the same manner, once you leave your sinful past, it will be easier to go back to it than to begin a new life in me. Temptations will be greater at that moment because you are more vulnerable and likely to fall. During this period, you need prayer as your maintenance to ensure you overcome. When you feel stuck and unsure of the step to take, seek me through prayer and I will come to your aid. Just like an air conditioning repair person is required for the maintenance, I will grant you the holy spirit to help you during your repair season.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

(Psalm 34:18)

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