Today’s Devotional

"Precious one, I am present in your life even when it doesn’t feel so..."

Discovering a spiritual problem.

A spiritual problem or attack may occur to anyone and anywhere without giving a notice. You may be a staunch christian who is very strong in faith yet you receive a spiritual attack at your weakest moment. No one is immune to spiritual attacks yet it is interesting that those who have great faith in me are the targets. 

If you happen to be spiritually attacked by the enemy, do not panic because worrying will not immediately eradicate the problem but it will give your enemy a chance to win. Keep calm and understand that there is more to you than what is visible to the eye. You may have developed a spiritual attack but that does not mean that you are weak in faith. My love for you does not depreciate based on the number of times you were spiritually attacked hence maintain your confidence and keep on walking ahead with your head held up high for you are still a beloved child of the most high.

Beloved, challenges will come trying to knock you down without a notice but you need to stay strong and do not waver. You will face plenty of temptations when you least expect them and your reaction as well as response towards them will determine the outcome of your life. I want you to know that I have equipped you and prepared you to overcome any temptation that comes your way. I see how you try to hide your pain from others whenever life has wounded you. There are moments you feel like you are about to sink just because you have been faced by challenges that make you feel like.

Consult me in times of trouble

When someone develops a spiritual attack the obvious thing is to panic but my children know that they should rush to me and call out my name to have the issue dealt with accordingly. I am fully aware of the spiritual attack and the effect it has on your faith hence you should trust me to handle it accordingly. In my name nothing is impossible for there is great power in it. Call out to my son’s name Jesus for I have given it to you as a gift. Use it for your protection whenever you face a spiritual attack and you can be sure to become successful.

Oh Faithful one, can’t you trust me like you trust your consultants? Just like you rush to consult a professional whenever you get a problem in whichever area, can you not entrust me with your life challenges? Unlike worldly professionals who are capable of making a misdiagnosis, I am your creator and I can never be wrong when it comes to you. Have some faith in me and let me take charge of your life. Allow me to take the lead and like a good anchor, I will lead you to where the grass is green and you everything is in abundance.  Just like there are many quack consultants and you are careful to consult a professional to handle your problems, be careful of the many enemies who will come clothed as friends and their mission is to trick you that they are capable of solving all your problems. Harden your heart whenever they speak and shut your ears for they mean harm and no good.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge”

(Psalm 62:8)

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