Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, your body is my house; treasure it and take care of it for your value is priceless..."

Value your body

My dear child, your body is my abode where I reside hence you need to guard it properly. Do not be like a careless house owner who neglects their house or keeps it dirty such that it’s value diminishes. The value of any house can be determined right from the presentation and the state that the house is in hence the need to take great care. I want you to understand that I seek your loyalty for I am your creator who knows and understands your worth. 

Many buyers will come to you seeking for ownership of your house and if you are not careful, they will deceive you into selling it to them.  Be warned at stay keen for the enemy no longer comes to attach directly but instead they seek to deceive you into lowering the value of whatever they are interested in. Be as subtle as a snake and realize that your house is priceless and no amount can lead you into selling it. Let go of your worry on whether your house will sell for it triggers you into lowering your value.

I want you to put in mind that I own youe entire being hence I can do with it as I please thus you need to submit to me. Like a house owner has complete possession on a house, I posses you completely since I am your creator. I have complete knowledge on every crack of my house and nothing is hidden away from me. Never feel afraid or abandoned for I own you and I will never neglect. I would never even think of selling my house for it delights me and pleases my heart.

Repent your sins

Precious one, like a seller prepares to sell their house or a sojourner getting ready to embark on a journey, repentance is the preparation you need to make while you live on this earth. Once your mission on earth is complete and you have finished serving your purpose, like a home seller who no longer finds a house serving them, I will call you back home. Do not be like the dilapidated houses by living in sin and forgetting that earth is not your final home.

Appreciate your worth by increasing your faith in me and repenting your sins. I am a loving and forgiving father who can ever disown his children. Try me and get to experience my goodness; afterall, you can never know the sweetness of something unless you taste it! Make a decision to taste me and you will find a unique satisfaction that will see you never turning anywhere else for satisfaction. I will quench your spiritual thirst and satisfy your spiritual hunger that you will never get thirsty or hungry ever again for I am the source of everything that exists.

Whenever you get tired of sinning and choose to come back to me, I will overlook the sins of your past. I will untangle you and loosen you from the shackles of sin where the enemy has trapped you, whenever you cry out to me and choose me. Like a house being renovated, I will renew you and replenish you for my grace is sufficient for you.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will become like wool.”

(Isaiah 1: 18)

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