Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, do not be mean and selfish but instead recognize and appreciate the efforts of those in your life..."

When to appreciate

When somebody does good work, they deserve to be appreciated and recognized. Regardless of the environment, good work should be appreciated to grant motivation to an individual. In a work environment, employees ought to be shown appreciation where they exhibit exemplary performance and exceed targets, employers should be appreciated where they go the extra mile. 

In a school setting, good students who perform well should be  awarded to encourage them to study more or maintain a high level of discipline. In a daily setting, children should be recognized where they exhibit good behavior while parents should be appreciated for always going the extra mile. Basically, anyone who performs well and challenges the status quo should be appreciated when and where necessary.

Beloved, there are many times where you cry out to me to help you. I watch you struggle and because you are my precious child, I choose to come to your rescue. Remember in the days of your sorrow when you used to cry out to me and plead with me to come to your aid. Recall the numerous times you made promises to me that you would fulfill if I rescued you from that misery of sorrow. You promised that you would recognize me if I rescued you and you proclaimed in your prayers that you would make me known to the world as your God, a father who rescues his children and takes great care of them. Due to my love for you and because I could not shut my ears to your cry, I came to your aid and rescued you. What happened to your promises? When your friends questioned you how you came out from the pit of darkness, you began boasting about how strong your wings are that you would fly the entire universe with them. In your testimony, you took all the glory and never mentioned anything about me.

When a deserving person is not appreciated

The result of failing to recognize a deserving person is that they end up feeling discouraged and unmotivated. If they were higher performers, you may notice that their performance will decline simply because they are not motivated enough. They may often fail to see the need to work hard and go an extra mile in case they are not recognized. In situations and places where corruption is rampant, most people work half-heartedly because they do not find it necessary to put in extra effort and in the end someone else without an idea of what they had to sacrifice takes all the awards and recognition.

My child, it pains me so much when I watch over you all the time and bless you abundantly yet you fail to give me the recognition by appreciating and thanking me. It bothers me so much when I come to your aid and instead of thanking me and changing your ways, you take all the glory and brag of your capabilities. Are you not aware that I am the creator of all things hence I bless people with everything that they own and I could still take it back? When you taste of my goodness and gain a share in my abundance, do not be mean when people inquire about the source of your abundance. Give me the glory and let them know that I can bless them too. With that, I will also bless you more.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

(Psalms 118:1)

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