Today’s Devotional

"You Have Only To Be Silent, For I Will Fight For You..."

I Will Keep You From Trouble.

Attorneys are more than problem solvers; they can help prevent the problem from even coming to fruition.  Most people seek the aid of attorneys when problems arise, but it would be wise to have an attorney guide you through all the legal advice you need. In today’s world, you can easily find yourself with a legal problem, and you may not have time to deal with all of them. Having an attorney to take care of all your legal matters is very much necessary, and it is one sure way to free yourself and avoid any unnecessary problems.

My child, on a daily basis, you face an enemy here in this life, it is more than what you see before you, it is more than that other person who has wronged you. It is more than your own weaknesses and struggles, or the negative self-talk you may have. The enemy is fierce and real, and he may attack you when you least expect, or bring obstacles to you that are meant to make you fall.  You may have noticed that sometimes as you are peacefully going about your daily life, the enemy may spring from nowhere and try to ruin everything. The enemy hates the truth, and if you are living by it, seeking after it, and standing by it, you will always be targeted.

My dear one, if you are in any battle right now, know that you are not alone, not ever. As your attorney, I am standing right by you, fighting your battles and making sure no harm gets to you. As an attorney I am constantly shielding, strengthening, and protecting you even when you are unaware. You never have to struggle to fend for yourself, go about your business as you would, as an attorney who knows how to handle a case, you are well covered.

Let Me Be Your Personal Attorney.

After a serious or fatal accident, anger and frustration that arises from your physical and emotional pain build up.  This can really cloud your judgment and only an experienced attorney can offer emotional support and guide you to make the right choices concerning the future of you and your family. Attorneys make things make sense, and they guide you on which path you should take. Attorneys make decisions from a legal perspective instead of being led by their emotions.

My child, you may feel like some people are treating you harshly, or there are instances in your life where you feel the need to retaliate because people are taking advantage of you. Though this makes sense in the mind of any person, as your attorney, I would want to guide you on to handle such frustrations. Instead of making outrageous demands when you are filled with anger, there is a better way to handle these issues, with wisdom.

I am a good attorney and I desire what is ultimately good for you. I will give you comfort when things go bad. When you have faith, you are assured that things will work out, but when you don’t believe me, you will be up and down trying to fix things on your own. Be at peace, and know that I will handle your issue well. In all these things, you are more than a conqueror through me and there is nothing that will get to you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

(Romans 8:31)

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