Today’s Devotional

"You Shall Go Out In Joy And Be Led By Peace..."

Be Prepared, Do Not Panic.

When going through cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, you may be feeling quite stressed out since you do not know how your body will take it, or if it will be painful. When going through cancer treatment, you are never truly ready for how the treatment will take you, and the effects it will have on your body. It is easy to live in a bubble, stay away from people, and feel sorry for yourself. But in this instance, your attitude is a huge factor and knowledge will be your power. When starting cancer treatment, it is good to educate yourself, you want to find the right content and avoid information that will give you panic. The more informed you are, the more you will feel in control of what is happening to you.

My child, there are so many instances where you have felt fear instead of dealing with the matter as it comes. You may feel afraid of my wrath or my second coming because you do not know where you will stand. You have allowed this information to give you panic and push you further away from me because you think I am an unfair God. Like getting cancer treatment, panic should be the last thing you feel. Although this information may be heavy on you, it is important to remember to prepare for what you cannot control and live forward with faith.

Beloved, prepare yourself as you would for cancer treatment, for the day is near. Start working on your walk with me, and with my help, all this fear should be set aside. Do what you need to do, for I have already given you salvation. Have faith and believe in me, and seek me whenever the thought of these moments starts to scare you. I know my children, I see their hearts and surely I will reward your dedication to living upright. Seek forgiveness when you fall short, for my grace is sufficient at all times.

Denial Is Not A Plan.

Cancer is a draining illness and not many people accept what is happening to them easily. However, to deal with the issue fast and well, you have to accept cancer treatment and take the situation as it is.  Even while going through cancer treatment, some people may self-hate, be very negative, or refuse to follow the medication that has been prescribed to them. If you don’t like the cancer treatment, remember that very few patients do, but just as with cancer or any other life-challenging issue, pretending it’s not happening will only make it worse.  The best thing to do, to go along with the cancer treatment is to pay attention to self-care and be more positive-minded.

My child, very few people want to be corrected when they are wrong. You may be making bad choices in your life, but whenever someone pinpoints this to you, you quickly build a grudge towards them. You may have distanced yourself from me because I am often asking you to stand right. It is easy to deny when you are wrong, but that will only push you further away.

Beloved, like a patient accepting cancer treatment, admit of your failures and sins, come to me without expecting judgment and let me heal you.  I know you, even the number of hair on your head, and you cannot hide anything from me. I am open to receiving you again. I desire you to live under my grace, I want to keep you safe and show you the other good side of life.  It cannot get worse than going away from me, it is time to return back home my child.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

(1 Corinthians 1:18)

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