Today’s Devotional

"Bearing One Another In Love, Be Completely Humble, Gentle, And Patient..."

As Self Care, You Need Consistency.

When you first start to actively take a role in self-care, you can easily get discouraged whenever you do not see an immediate advantage from a single act of self-care, like eating a little bit healthier for the day or mindfully involving yourself in an activity. With self-care, you have to keep in mind that nothing is going to be so easy, it is not something that you do today then you are done. You have to take your time to learn how to properly self-care. If you want to see the fruits of your self-care and you want it to work for you, your effort has to be long term too. That means committing to doing what works for you and making it a lifestyle. 

My child, how often do you give up on something that you have started because it takes time to bear fruit. Like a failed self-care, you may have sought me once, prayed once and you expected a big answer in return. I have seen instances where you have felt discouraged because what you want has not been given to you. For you to continually receive these things, then prayer has to be your lifestyle. You have to incorporate the self-care of tending to your spiritual needs if you want to feel whole again and heard.

Beloved, I help those who need help, and this can be shown by your actions. Many people come to me, but sometimes, it is for their own selfish reasons, and when I do not dance to their tune they quickly leave. Dear one, I see the depths of your heart, and when you come to me, let it be out of love and not because you want something material. Incorporate this in your self-care routine, do you need to feel joy, forgiven, understood, and loved? Then leave all these perceptions of what you think you want that are so temporary.

Let Me Offer You Some Self-Care.

Self-care is an important skill for everyone, especially for people living with mental illness or going through a stressful time. Self-care can be one of the hardest things to work on since you don’t have a habit of doing these things. Self-care means what it sounds like, the need to take care of yourself. It includes things like meditating, hanging out with friends when you feel lonely, or even keeping a positive mindset and letting go of anxiety. Although self-care is personal to each one, there are common things that can work for everyone, starting by accepting and loving yourself.

My child, times can be really difficult. and may drain you emotionally mentally, and spiritually. There is constant pressure to perform, and to be at par with everyone else. You may be feeling overwhelmed and you do not find love for yourself anymore because you do not fit the standards that have been laid before you. Everyone else may seem to have figured life out, while you are still at a place of dealing with your internal conflicts.

My precious child, give me your heart and mind and let me offer self-care to them. I want to show you love and reflect to you all those places you have that are beautiful.  I will place a renewed mind in you and take away the old, I want you to view life from a clean perspective. I will give you endurance even as I continue to encourage you. Let yourself go in my arms, let me in, in those places that are hurt and that are worrying you. Believe me to offer good self-care to you. when you abide by me at all times, you will surely lack for nothing.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

(Psalms 32:8)

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