Today’s Devotional

"I Will Give Rest To All Who Are Weary And Burdened When They Come To Me..."

I Will Come To Your Swift Rescue.

Water intrusion into a building can cause incredible destruction. Water damage restoration must be carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible to lessen the impact of the disaster that can be caused. The need for swift action is also called for because standing water tends to be more contaminated. Whether it is flood damage, burst pipe, or any other cause, all should be immediately mitigated. This is much more than cleaning and drying property.  While doing water damage restoration you have to consider treating porous materials like drywall and also decontaminating. You cannot allow bacteria to thrive in such an area. 


My child, life can be tough on you sometimes. I have seen instances where big waves have followed you and you have not known which direction to take. I have seen people be unfair to you and do things that have pulled you back. I have seen the hurt in your heart my precious child, and I tell you that I will send justice to you speedily. My child, though your faith may be wearing off, let hope be a reason to look up to me.

Before you call, I will answer. Just like a water damage restoration, I will not let destruction get to you, while you are yet speaking I will be listening to you. I will not hide my face from you on the day you face troubles. I know how dire your need is, and I will incline my ear to you.  I will not only solve your issue, but I will make sure I remove any obstacles that may cause any future problems. Like a water damage restoration technician, I will answer speedily on the day you call.

I Protect What Is Important To Me.

When going through water damage, before it is restored to its proper state, so much damage could have happened, the first thing to do is to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Before water damage restoration, you can lift wood furniture off the wet carpet areas. As water damage happens, you also have to make sure you have turned off the power. However, this is not really to be done in case you have to go through a flooded place before water damage restoration. 


My child, if people make sure they have collected their valuables when they face water damage, how much more will I protect you? You have faced problems that have hardened your heart. You are not sure I will be a refuge to you because there are times you felt I didn’t protect you. My child, is anything too hard for me? Do you believe that I watch your every step and that I will save you from any overwhelming floods? People take up the risk of getting into flooded areas to switch off the electricity before water damage is fully restored, and in the same measure, I want you to have peace in believing, and let your hope in me be ever abundant because I am a faithful God.

My child, do not fear because I will always be with you. You are valuable to me, and for this, I will strengthen you and help you. Everyone who rages against you like water damage will be surely ashamed and disgraced. Those who try to oppose you will utterly fail. Though you search for your enemies my precious child, you will not find them because I will make sure you are kept safe.

Reflect on These Words Today

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God”.

(Ephesians 2:8)

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