Today’s Devotional

"Grow In The Knowledge And Grace Of Our Lord, Let Him Receive All The Glory..."

The Unexpected Can Be Beautiful.

When you plant something in your garden, you sow a small seed or another frail plant that almost looks lifeless. You may wonder if it will ever grow or sprout from the ground. Gardens have an amazing way of creating beautiful things because one day you will go there and a beautiful plant will have grown bearing flowers and fruit. Also, there are other things that you never plant in your garden, like weeds, but they still grow, looking beautiful and nourished, even though they were not intended to be there.

My child, like a garden, life is short, filled with failure and adversity, and nothing seems to go as you planned. You may have had very many plans for your life which are taking a very different course. It is easy to be filled with worry and anxiety because you wonder what will come next once you lose what you are already so used to. Remember that life is also good even through these uncertainties as you also get to experience laughter, love, adventures, and the small joys that fill you with happiness. Almost none of these happy moments are planned, instead, it’s the spontaneity of life that makes it so delightful. Do not be afraid to experience new things, like a garden, marvel in the little things, and find joy in the dirt.

Precious one, believe that even though things happen differently, I will create good from it. You shall never entirely lack hope or be left alone. I will always have your back and I will take care of you at all times. Do not try to be in control of everything. Be patient and allow yourself to grow, like the plants in a garden.

Failure Is Necessary And Unavoidable.

Whenever you plant things in a garden, you are never so sure how the plants will grow, no matter how good you tend to them. Every year in the garden there is a circle of successful plants and those that fail. You can never understand why you have so many pests in the garden, which variety of plants will do better, or why your plant didn’t sprout. Gardening is an experiment that takes place over and over until you find the right formula, and often you won’t find one. What worked one year may not work the next.

My child, be easy on yourself. Just as in a garden, there is no such thing as 100% success in life. There are no guarantees, there is not a single person who does not have a long story to share about the extreme failures they have experienced as they try to maneuver through life. You may be beating yourself up about it too much and you are not giving yourself room to explore other perspectives. You may self-hate and find faults in yourself so much because of not perfecting on something-but remember my creation is perfect, and you are wonderfully made.

Beloved child, do not take life too seriously because you are not in charge of it. Take your experiences humbly and as a garden, continue to produce each year.  I will help you to achieve your purpose by ensuring you bear fruit and you learn which parts to work on. Be more kind to yourself and celebrate what you give out to the world.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”

(2 Timothy 3:16)

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