Today’s Devotional

"Be Still And Patiently Wait For The Lord..."

Treatment Varies For Everyone.

No matter what health condition you are going through, or even drug abuse, the treatment that is offered may differ depending on the condition of the person. A treatment that is offered to one individual may not work on the other because of the stage of illness or their ability to take medication. Treatment is also offered differently depending on the urgency of the situation. It is necessary to trust the doctor to know what is best for you otherwise you may end up questioning every difference you notice from the next person. Being inquisitive is correct, however, trust is really necessary.

My child, people are quite hesitant when their experience is different from that of the next person. People love familiarity but it also serves as a limit to getting treatment properly. You may be going through life with a fellow believer, but their lives may be taking a completely different course and you don’t seem to understand why. You may continually question if I also have good plans for you because maybe things don’t seem to be moving as you thought. Treatment serves the same goal of curing an illness, regardless of which way it was given. In the same way, your life will also reach its full potential, but you have to learn different things from someone else because the purpose is different.

Trust me to be able to give you the right treatment. Not treatment to cause you pain or destroy your life, but rather to build it and give it more perspective. You are my precious child and I will take care of you at all times. Believe that even though you don’t know everything, I am in control of things. Rest in my arms and let life unfold itself to you.

Like Treatment I Am Readily Available.

Wherever people are in dire conditions, treatment may be needed to be administered immediately. Also when drug addicts are not so sure about starting treatment, taking advantage of the available services the moment the people are ready for treatment is so important. Potential patients who want to start recovery can choose not to do it again if treatment is not readily accessible.

My child, it is my desire that each of my people return to me. You may have drifted away from me and into sinfulness. You have had experiences that have not been so good for you, and even though the world tries to show you that it has so much to offer, all you have received is the deadness of spirit and emptiness. I have been here waiting for you to return home, like the prodigal son I desire to offer you my treatment. When you feel like life is taking you too fast, and you have gotten to a dead end, come to me as my patient and I will help you be whole again.

Beloved one, when you are coming to me, you may not be so sure because you think I will be out to judge you. You know how many wrong things you may have done, and you feel hesitant to reveal yourself to me. However, with my love and forgiveness, I will capture you. I will show you love and fill you with peace when you come into my presence. I will surround you with my wings so that you know it is okay to return home ,my child. With this treatment, I know that your heart will open up to surrender. You are precious to me, and not once will I shut my door on you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”

(Lamentations 3:25-26)

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