Today’s Devotional

"We Wait For What We Do Not See With Patience, Because We Hope For It..."

Nothing Good Will Come For Free.

After you get used to gambling, you will notice that most games offer bonuses that are given after your first deposit. This is always termed as “free money”, but after reading the terms and conditions of the game you are gambling on, you will realize that this free money deal comes with a lot of strings attached. You will notice that you need to fulfill a certain requirement before you can withdraw the bonus money. Most gamblers learn about these requirements when they attempt to cash out the money, and discover that they are not allowed to because they didn’t fulfill some of the necessary conditions. Gambling teaches you that nothing comes for free, so make sure you know the terms and conditions before making investments.

My child, it is so disturbing that people think I am like a lucky charm, which they can tell what to do and something happens. You may have wanted me to do something so direly for you, could be getting you that promotion position at work. When your desires do not get fulfilled, you may feel angry towards me, and think I am not reliable. However, do you think you deserved that which you wanted based on your merit? Like gambling, nothing will come for free, even if I am helping you out. You have to work hard and earn the good things you want in life. So many people have amounted to nothing because of being entitled to things they have done nothing for.

Like a good father, I will teach you as gambling does. I need you to be disciplined and faithful in your ways. I have given you enough resources to do something with your life. If you say that is not enough, then do you think when I add more it will ever be sufficient? Do not ever forsake wisdom, because she will protect you; love her and you will see her watching over you. Get wisdom because it is supreme, and do not be afraid to get understanding.

Greed Is The Beginning Of A Downfall.

When gambling, budgeting is crucial because winning requires you to place efficient bets. When heading for gambling, it is crucial that you put some amount aside, that you know you can afford to lose. Greed can lead you to continue placing bets way beyond what you budgeted for because you are aiming for the big prize, but with gambling, you either win big or you lose everything. It is best to limit yourself and know when to stop gambling.

My child, being satisfied with what you have is so important. There are so many things you can avoid by analyzing your situation and choosing contentment. You may be in a position of getting good rewards when you compromise something, could be your integrity or dignity, greed will always show you this is the right path to take. My child, from gambling, learn that good things cannot be built in haste, be patient and work hard to see things progress.

Beloved one, I get displeased by a heart that always wants more for itself. Do not hold too dearly the things of the world, because this can prevent you from ever serving me, or fulfilling your purpose. Be ready to be uncomfortable and to lose, because this is sometimes for your greater good. Allow my discipline to impact you because then you will know which is the good road to follow. I have blessed you with good health and a clear mind, so let it serve you. Take pleasure and be grateful for what you have, because only then can my favor be on you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke.”

(Proverbs 13:1)

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