Today’s Devotional

"Be Careful Of What You Speak, For You Get Snared With The Words Of Your Mouth..."

I Have Overlooked Accusations Against You, As A surety.

A surety is someone who accepts to take responsibility for a person who has been accused of a crime.  Being a surety is a serious commitment and requires you to be fully aware of what you are getting involved in. Before you are accepted as a surety by the judge, your background, finances, and personal character should be approved. You should not be a surety to someone you are sure you cannot supervise in the community because their actions and whether they show up in court at the appointed days can cost you the money you pledged.

My child, often you fall, yet I do not look at the accusations laid before you. When you go through my words, you may think I am angry, violent or I take pleasure in punishing you when you get out of line. You may not want to believe me if I’m like that. However, over everything I have chosen to be your surety, to defend you and be with you until you live right. I am a forgiving God, compassionate and gracious, abounding in love and slow to anger.

Being your surety doesn’t mean I overlook your sins or ignore you forever when you rebel against me. I am holy and pure, and this part can never be compromised. Being your surety means that I love you despite your sins, I made you and I know that when you live apart from me, you will always feel unfulfilled and empty inside. I know you desire to know me, and I want you to pursue that. I have done everything that is necessary to make this possible. As a surety, I have allowed you another chance, shown with grace to try again.

I Have Covered Your Debt

A surety is similar to a guarantor, who is a person that offers security for the payment of a debt. The debtor can demand payment from the surety when the debt is due, and the borrower has not cleared it. The liabilities of a surety are similar to that of the borrower, which shows that both are responsible to pay the debt. The surety and the borrower are not always in terms, as the surety can have an agreement with the creditor, to act as surety without the knowledge of the borrower.

Beloved child, I made you to honor, love, and obey me in deed, word, and thought. Every time you fail to do that perfectly, you accrue debt to me. Every person has sinned, and there are always consequences for living a sinful life. You may not be giving much attention to your actions, or you take advantage of the grace that is before you, but that makes you lose so much of what is in store for you and it also grieves my spirit. Life is precious and it is not every time, you will get time to repent and return to me. My child, follow me when I can still be found.

Because I knew you would fall short, I sent you my son to be a mediator to stand between us and establish your total debt, and come up with a resolution that will be acceptable.  My son, Jesus has been interceding for you and he pays your debt. He has redeemed you from sin and he continuously purifies you as his own. With the forgiveness you receive and the blame being removed from you, choose to live righteously. Follow the right path and do not continue to take advantage of his never-ending love and intercession. When you fall, ask for help and when you fully commit your heart to it, you will always be established.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

(Psalms 86:5)

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