Today’s Devotional

"Stand Up And Do Not Let Yourself Be Burdened Again With A Yoke Of Slavery..."

You Have Freedom To Choose.

Owners of online gambling businesses know that having a variety of games will ensure the success of their business. Online gambling businesses continuously develop new strategies and fresh solutions for multiplying the number of choices the gamblers have. Such an option in an online gambling site is a new way of clicking and collecting your price. Online casinos constantly upgrade their games with new titles that have just been released while still holding on to their originality. Online gambling businesses keep up with appealing choices so that they can stand through competition. My child, you like everyone else loves to feel like you have options, you want to know that you can choose. You may be thinking I’m too uptight when I’m constantly directing you to one path. Sometimes, you have prayed to me seeking an answer, and you have felt my silence. Though you may feel let down, during this time, I have given you the honor of choice. Just as an online gambling site gives the gamblers an option of games, which has different results, this is the time to make the right decisions. I encourage you to remember the thief at the cross, who decided to repent all his bad choices, which were forgiven, for his one good choice. You cannot hold an online gambling site accountable when you lose money from the game you choose, similarly, every choice you make will have a consequence and you will have to be responsible for it. My precious child, I have set before you, life and death, cursing and blessing, therefore choose life. Seek my guidance when you feel lost, let my laws show you the way to go.

Tell Others Of The Good News.

There are a lot of sites for online gambling, and business owners strive to stay ahead of the competition. Because it is virtual, online casinos use social media solutions to promote and grow their business.  Online gambling sites are consistent in creating interactions and have highly active social media accounts on the biggest platforms to target their audience. You may have noticed the frequent posting done by online gambling sites also in the form of ads. This greatly helps to build awareness and attracts massive gamblers. My child, I have blessed you with talents, enough resources, and time. I want you to use these gifts to further the work of the kingdom, just as the online gambling sites do. You may feel comfortable because you know you are in me, and you do not put an effort to draw others closer. It saddens me to see many of my children being very far from me, some do not even have an idea of what to believe. You need to be persistent to the lost ones like an online gambling business. You need to support, teach, lead and live by example. By constantly doing this you will do the good work of building the kingdom. Precious one, your time here is golden and great wealth. Do not sit longer with your arms folded, for it is your duty to show others the light. I will make you effective in this mission, even as I open a way, gently allow yourself to walk in and do your part. My presence and power are available to touch the people’s hearts and draw them to my love. I will be sure to save those you lead to me.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.”

(2Timothy 4:2)

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