Today’s Devotional

"You Can Do Anything, For I Will Give You The Strength..."

I Will Comfort You After Loss.

If your property has at one point been damaged due to a natural disaster, like a flood, then the repairs may be extensive and may seem discouraging. Losing your home to a flood is more than just losing material possessions. When you experience your family losing their main place of safety and security, it can be devastating. If an emergency flood repair can be done, then you may find that some of the house items that have sentimental value can be saved. There is a need to have insurance that can offer emergency flood repairs, because you may not be financially ready at that moment. After taking an inventory of what is damaged, then you can know the cost of the repairs. My child, loss is inevitable and nothing can prepare you well enough for it. You may be feeling so much pain after losing something in your life, even if there is a chance of it being redeemed, for example, you may be going through a divorce, with someone whom you have been friends, partners and spent a lot of years together and now the loss feels so deeply personal and stunningly final. Like an emergency flood repair, you may hope to have a chance to salvage it and fix all the places where you think you went wrong. Culture may tell you to move past your sorrow quickly and don’t stay there too long, because it might make them uncomfortable. My child, I will come in swiftly to your aid, like an emergency flood repair company. I will wipe away the tears from your eyes, there will be no more crying or pain, for I will make the old way of things happening pass away. Forgive yourself, my child, even as I forgive you. Know the cost of repairs that need to be done in your life, and work on them.  Though the floods intended to sweep you away, I will ensure I do an emergency repair, because I am close to the brokenhearted and to those who are crushed in spirit.

Let Me Be Your Contractor For Emergency Flood Repairs.

Some cases may be quite difficult to handle on your own, for example, floods, since you don’t know how to go about the repairs properly. When getting someone who can help with the emergency flood repairs, you have to keep in mind that you may hire a good contractor or possibly end up with poor quality work and losing money. As much as you need these flood repairs to happen immediately, you have to be aware of misleading business companies who give false advertising. You can avoid getting a bad contractor by following up on references given by trusted people. Precious child, your life has been unpredictable, you have experienced ups and downs along the way. I know you want to trust me, when times are good, it has felt easier, but when times have felt difficult, that is when it is more important to trust me. Your life may be going well for a season, your friends and family are enjoyable to be with, your job is satisfying and everything seems right, but when the things you felt secure about suddenly feel uncertain and shaky, can you trust that I am still good in these circumstances? Do you trust me when you do not understand what is happening? A good emergency flood repair contractor has expertise in this field and will do well by you. In the same measure, believe that I am reliable, and I have the ability to turn your whole situation around. I have kept a track of all your sorrows and collected your tears, all this is recorded in my book. As a good contractor, I will repair your life and give it a new beginning. I will guide you, throughout your days and cover you with peace.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

(Mark 9:24)

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