Today’s Devotional

"Be Patient In Tribulation, And Rejoice In Hope..."

I'm Only A Call Away.

The main benefit of a conference call is that it allows people to participate in meetings without having to be present in the same room the meeting is being held. When having a conference call, all you need is a good connection, and with that, you can take part in a meeting wherever you are. Conference calls can be set up in a matter of minutes in case a decision is needed quickly, everyone is able to put in their recommendations and ideas without having to leave their desks. My child, so many times you are not able to figure out if you are going on the right track. You have been in situations where you were required to make tough decisions and you didn’t know whom you could quickly go to. You may think that you need to be in a special place or say special words to speak to me, but the truth is I’m just a call away. I know the intentions of your heart and the thoughts of your mind even before you bring them to me. Precious one, choose to have a conference call with me with faith that I am there with you even if you cannot see me physically. there is no time that you seek me and I’m not there, do not take it as if you are speaking alone. My child, let this be a conversation, open your spiritual ear, and hear my input. In our conference call, you will get good counsel. While you are speaking I will be listening. I am an ever-present God, you will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. Let our conference call be enriching, able to touch your heart, open your mind to many possibilities and increase your faith. Come let us spend time together.

Like A Conference Call, We Need Good Connection.

There is nothing as bothersome as having a conference call that you cannot properly connect with. You can end up losing so much important information in a conference call when you have a hard time logging in, or maintaining a stable internet connection. It is better to be well prepared earlier before the call and make sure everything works well, including the audio and video. A conference call needs your full attention for you to benefit from it, unfortunately, people take this to be the time to do other things. It is best to take a conference call as you would a physical meeting if you are to gain something. 

Precious one, how it is easy to dismiss the importance of being in connection with me! how so many things never get to be discovered when we are disconnected! It saddens my heart when your purpose doesn’t come to fruition, because you may not be giving this much attention. Like a conference call, when we are well connected, I am able to communicate with you. You get to understand things that you need to do, you get enriched and abundant peace in your heart. With a good conference call, your life becomes more than you had envisioned it to be.

Beloved child, you become alive again and awakened when we have a good relationship. When the conference call we have is well connected, you are able to see my character and my work in your life. I will show you my laws and the way to live, and you will find yourself delighting in them, you will be happy, filled with hope, and encouraged. I am pleased by your prayers, your growth in faith, and your obedience. My child, abide in me, and I will dwell with you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

(Acts 2:21)

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