Today’s Devotional

"I Will Defend You For My Sake, For You Are My Child..."

I Will Be Your Trusted Lawyer.

When you hire a lawyer; pleading guilty or admitting fault is not the only choice you have, even if there is evidence that points directly to you.  A lawyer prevents you from avoiding severe penalties during and after trial. An experienced lawyer has seen similar cases to yours and knows enough about how a case may get resolved in court. A lawyer will always negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing party. There is so much you can be free from once you have a good lawyer who does everything to prove your innocence. 

My child, few people will stand by you when you fall. When you make a mistake and fall on temptations, most people will be out to judge you rather than guide you on the right path again. You may have judged yourself too many times, and concluded that I too cannot look at you with mercy. You have chosen to go deeper into the mistakes you make because you think this is it for you. That however cannot be further than the truth. Like a lawyer, who knows that you have stumbled and you have faults, I will still cover you from shame and defend you against your accusers. Discover the riches and opportunities in your life, which I have given to you through the free gift of grace. Just as a lawyer does, I will save you and show you the way to live right. My precious child, it is not because of anything that you do that I am inclined to defend you, rather it is because of mercy and my purposes upon your life. Trust me to let no harm come to you, believe that though you may fall, I am the only one who can judge you, and even then, I will show you mercy if you come to me with a repentant heart.

You Cannot Always Understand The Law.

If you are not a lawyer, there are so many instances and cases that you will not be in a position to understand won’t understand how to handle situations. Even experienced lawyers do not represent themselves in court.  Lawyers tend to specialize in one field, for example, family law or tax. A solid case can quickly go wrong without the help of a trained lawyer. It is right to agree that though you may know most processes, it is good to have a lawyer who takes you through potential legal processes to prevent you from getting into avoidable pitfalls. My child, do not strive to understand everything in life. Life can give you a blow that you don’t know how to go about, despite how old you are, or how deep your walk is with me. You may have been in these situations, which you have tried to explain or define and you have found yourself utterly perplexed. As a lawyer, be at peace with it and seek me to get more understanding. It may have been the loss of a loved one or even a health complication. Walking in this state of not knowing how things will happen can easily make you lose your trust in me, you may think that I never truly care for you. Precious one, it is normal to feel lost sometimes, but even then let your perseverance and patience thrive. I am your mediator, and when you seek me with all your heart and choose to change your ways for the better, there will be no charge against you in the heavenly court.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.”

(Psalms 19:7)

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