Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, Come to me for I Fill The Hungry And Satisfy Them With Good Things..."

Like Taking Loans, Only Ask For What Is Necessary.

Are you aware that you can take a loan to use it for anything you desire once it has been processed? When you take a loan, some lenders may ask what you intend to use the money for, while some just want to be sure that you will pay them back. It is unnecessary to take loans for things that won’t return the money you borrowed. However, when you are really in need, taking a loan is an available and good way of taking care of things.

Precious child, think about the many times you may have wanted something that wasn’t really necessary. You may have gotten disappointed that I did not act as fast as you wanted. You may want all the good things in life, and like a loan lender, you assume that I too, will hand you everything without thinking if it’s good for you or not. My child, I never said that I will provide for all your wants, but I will make sure all your needs are met.

I know what you need, sometimes you think you need something, but in reality, you don’t need it. I am faithful and I will provide for you what is necessary. Whenever you feel stuck, you go to a bank to take a loan, but you won’t come to me to provide for your needs. You have been getting distracted by your problems this whole time, yet you haven’t come to me in prayer. My beloved child, how much more compassion will I show you than any loan lender. Sometimes you don’t ask because you think you are being covetous but there is nothing wrong with you asking me to provide abundantly for you so that you may help your family and loved ones.

Trials Will Come In Life.

Do not assume that just because you have a loan to settle, you’re bad with money. If that was the case, then everyone can be considered financially irresponsible at some point in their lives. Many people take up loans to progress themselves, either through paying student loans or putting them into business. At some point, loans can give you a hard time when it comes to making payments. It is overwhelming to need to pay a loan at a required time, yet you barely have enough. Going through this situation makes you more aware of how to manage finances and also to find other alternatives in the future.

My child, I know the ups and downs you have been through. Like a loan lender demanding payment, life has not spared you from painful experiences. You have asked yourself what you have done wrong, why have I allowed you to go through such a hard moment? Be on guard when you are asking all these questions beloved because then is when the enemy will find room to torment you with false thoughts. Loans give you a stressful time, and often you cannot wait to finish making payments, similarly, you probably are waiting for the time when all your problems will pass away.

When you are taking loans, you think things will be smooth running until you pay, the difficulty you experience at this time gives you discipline and so do the trials you face. I discipline the ones I love, and I chasten you until you live a purposeful life. Endure hardships as discipline, for what child is not disciplined by their father? I discipline you for your good, in order that you may share in my holiness. No discipline seems pleasant at the time, it is all painful. Later on, you will produce a harvest of peace and goodness if you allow yourself to be trained. Take good courage and trust me to know what’s best for you.

“Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you.”

(Psalm 37:5)

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