Today’s Devotional

"As Your Insurer, I Have For You Are Plans To Prosper You And For Your Well-being, I Will Secure Your Future..."

Let Me Be Your Insurance.

Insurance serves as a safety net just in case things go wrong in life. Insurance offers support to families, should a member be lost which also applies to a business. If a business is in a tough financial situation or loses its equipment, the business gets a chance to carry on, thanks to insurance. Insurance assures the policyholders of security in the present and future. If you are insured, your mind is rest assured that most of the stressful situations in life, like paying college fees and other expenses are catered for.

My child, life can never be free of worries. The cycle of being alive in this world puts you through situations that may cause you pain; I know that sometimes you think life is unfair to you or you are going through so much already. I have seen the doubts you get on whether life will surely work out for you. My child, I am your father, and I will always be your insurance. There is nothing that will happen to you that is out of my control. I will be a hope to you, allow yourself to find rest in me.

Set me before you in all things beloved, I will be at your right hand and you will not be shaken. Just like insurance which supports you through your lowest moments, I will make sure that during these times, you are provided for, you are comforted and you are able to thrive again. Let your heart find peace, cast all your doubts and worries on me, for I care for you. I will always restore you to healing when you are broken, I will reveal to you an abundance of security and prosperity.

I Am God Of The Lowly.

People who often seek insurance are those who need to do planning about their future, because if they don’t do so, they may not be able to handle the risks that come their way, which could be; paying school fees, hospital bills or ensuring their loved ones are well secured in case they are no longer there. If a risk goes wrong, people who are financially able will survive, they can take a hit and still continue well. Insurance gives everyone an equal opportunity of being secure when hit by uncertainties. 

Precious one, life can give you unnecessary pressure because you feel like everyone else except you is thriving, you fail to understand why. You may constantly be troubled when you are left behind. I understand that this may affect how you view yourself and you may feel like I have let you down. The material things of the world are temporary and though they are a necessity, do not let that be your sole focus. I am never far from you, and I will not let you lack entirely. At the right time, all things will work for your good because time and chance happen to all my children.

Like insurance, my eyes are always set before you, I hear you every time you speak to me. I will make sure you are well secured every day of your life. My child, take my yoke upon you and learn to fully rely on me. Trust me as you do your insurance, know that I will come through for you at all times.  I am gentle and I will give you rest. Do not worry yourself anymore, let me take care of you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

(Mathew 6:33)

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