Today’s Devotional

"For I Go Before You Like An Attorney, I Will Not Fail You Nor Abandon You..."

Let Me Be Your Attorney.

An attorney is always sought after whenever you have legal problems. An attorney rises to the occasion and defends you to the best of his ability. Their goal is to represent you well in court and make sure you are served justice. Attorneys do research on matters that could have otherwise remained unknown and they present them in your favor. They try to make sure that you are not implicated, regardless of whether you are guilty or not.

My child, you may wonder who will ever defend you in this world? You have been in positions where you have been accused of things you haven’t done. You have been judged harshly by others and treated unfairly. In some instances, there was nothing you could do but hope that I see and ensure you are served justly. I see the hurt in your heart whenever you remember the things you have been through. My precious child, I am your attorney, and there is nothing that passes me. Being your attorney, I see everything people do against you, and I have all the information I need. You have lamented your worries to me, my child, and I take it upon myself to be the best attorney for you. Wipe away the sadness in your heart, precious one, I will make sure justice is served.

I will hide you under my wings, my child, whenever a case is brought against you, I will be your attorney and defend you because of my love for you. I will guide your way of thinking and acting, just as an attorney does his client so that you will not fall to temptations that will cause you harm. Put your trust in me, and let me take over your case.

Let Me Cover Your Shame.

Whenever someone has a serious case, they seek the best attorneys. Some people know they are guilty, but they still have hope they can get away with it with the best attorney. People often expect that the people who do wrong will go behind bars or will be accused, but sometimes they wonder how they walk away free. This is not right, but the truth is if an attorney has good skills, they can fight for you even against logic.


Oh faithful child, I know you are not guilty, and if you are, you can still confess it to me, I am kind to forgive. I know you have continuously worked hard to live comfortably, but even then, not everyone may be happy.  Others may anxiously wait for your downfall, but I will be your attorney who covers your shame. I will not allow anyone to see you overwhelmed with troubles.  I will clothe you with a garment of grace, you will be an example of mercy shown.

My precious one, attorneys are confident and they know the language of judges, they know what to say, and have strategies to win a case. I do not sleep nor slumber, I am always working for your good, I have strategies and plans in place for you. I am always removing obstacles in your path that may implicate you. My child, hide under my wing, what you have been looking for is here with me, an attorney who is not out to judge you, but find solutions for you. You do not have to worry about how the future will turn out, because it is in my hands now. I will craft it perfectly for my beloved child.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Listen to my testimony: I cried to God in my distress and he answered me. 

(Psalm 34:4)

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