“It was a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I don’t know if it was high blood sugar… Me packing on the pounds. It was hard. Thanks to the 7 Day Healing Miracle. I actually dropped the weight without diet or exercise I have the energy of a teenager!” Jeff K.


“I had terrible arthritis. Every movement felt like needles pushed into my nerves. When I was referred to Armanda’s teachings, I prayed the Prayer of Pain Relief. Lo and behold, I’m totally healed and I can freely move without a hint of ache. Even my doctor said it was a bona-fide miracle.” Mary C.


“My kid Raymond got really sick. Only 3-year-old but was constantly puking and was bed-ridden. Doctors didn’t know what the heck was going on. I came across the 7 Day Healing Miracle, prayed one of the prayers tearfully. In 4 short days, health was restored to Raymond. We even got mysterious money to pay for… Continue reading 8


“I was left destitute by my cheating husband. He left me with my 2 young kids and moved in with his mistress half his age. After going through the 7 Day Prosperity Miracle, cheques suddenly came in the mail. There was sudden mysterious deposits in my bank account. Now, I have more than enough for… Continue reading 7


“I’d always wanted to connect to the divine and talk to angels, but I never could. After the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, it was almost a suffocating blanket was removed. I can even now feel the breath of God and delve into the secrets of the universe.” May R.


“Man… I hit crisis after crisis. Lost my job. Dad had cancer. Girlfriend left me. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle didn’t just give me the strength to weather the storm, but it helped me find new work, help me put my dad’s cancer into remission and i have a fiancee and we’re already starting to… Continue reading 5


“I was once depressed and anxious. Thanks to the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, I’m off my meds and now have fresh new hope for the future.”  Andrew J.


I had terrible, terrible fights with my husband and I was on the verge of leaving him… Then one day I stumbled on to Amanda’s writings. I consumed it, prayed the prayers and now not only has my marriage been restored — the relationship sizzles in a way not seen since the honeymoon.”  Jane A.


“I was only 5 days away from being declared a bankrupt. Almost all my savings gone. I then stumbled on to Amanda’s teaching. Just 2 prayers later, the bank actually cancelled my debt. Holy smokes, this works!” Leanne R.

Testimonial 1

“The prayers contained in the course helped me win the lottery. While it was only $15,654, I can tell the angels are smiling down on me since I was praying these words in desperation when the government decided to shut down. Thank you Amanda.” Kendra S.