Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Quiet Blossoming"

Mother Mary’s message for you

My dear one, there are certain things that I sense, notice and understand that are neither apparent or perceptible to people. These occurrences are outside the realm of human experience. My dear one, I notice all developments before you do yourself and I am very happy about it.Trust me when I say that you are blossoming!


Even under the watchful eye of the most devoted gardener, a seed has to germinate in order for the plant to be successful. Consider that I am the divine gardener and that you are the lovely seed that I have planted. I can’t wait to see how much you mature and develop!

What you need to know

The signs that you are growing spiritually may be difficult for you to see in the beginning, but with time they will become increasingly obvious, to the point where your entire worldview may shift as a result. It is important to know that you need to continue to push on with a significant amount of belief even when you worry that you are not making any progress.


Our Lady wishes to tell you that you are genuinely evolving. One of the most significant instruments you have available to you on the path to enlightenment are your beliefs. You are gaining the strength to achieve your goals, this trend will continue as you go forward into the foreseeable future!

Prayer for healing

Instead of listening to what other people tell you to do, you should put your faith in yourself. Pay attention to the little messages that reside inside yourself. Always remember to pray and to have faith in yourself. Because of your dedication, the tenderness of the Divine Mother will protect and feed your blossoming at the right times.


When you are ready, pray the following, “Our Lady of Quiet Blossoming, as I go about my daily activities, I feel your closeness always. I grow stronger as well as more purposeful each day because of your constant care and attention. The more I believe in my insight and my instincts, the more confident I am in my own abilities!”

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