Today’s Devotional

"Dear one, pray for wisdom so that it may lead you to making right decisions. Offer your time and wealth in the service of the Lord and others..."

Invest in my kingdom

Unlike in financial investment where you are required to have a good credit to make an investment, investing in my kingdom does not require a good credit. In fact credit is not an issue for you can invest in my kingdom with a good, bad, or no credit. I require no qualifications to allow you to make an investment in my kingdom. Unlike the financial investments, investing in my kingdom is for all eternity hence you do not need to worry of the lapsing of time. I call you to invest in my kingdom more than focusing entirely on financial investment because money and wealth may be lost and you cannot take your earthly wealth and possessions with you once you die whereas investing in my kingdom shall bear profits that you shall enjoy for all eternity. 

Beloved, choose to invest all you have in my kingdom first for there your investment is not measured by what you offer or how much you offer rather what matters is serving me diligently and from the heart. Invest your wealth in my kingdom by helping the needy in the society and funding church activities.  In financial investment, money is what requires to be invested to make profits but in my kingdom, investment is not limited to money and wealth only. Invest your time and talents as well in the service of my kingdom. Spend your time doing the great works of mercy and spreading my gospel. Since I have blessed you with numerous talents, invest those talents in serving my kingdom and bring people to my kingdom.

You are my investment

My child, you are my investment. I have invested in you so much love, sacrifices and blessings. For me to make full investment in you, you must make sacrifices to live a life that follows and obeys my commandments. Sacrifice your life to honor and serve me by avoiding the worldly ways and I shall invest in your protection, guidance and blessings which shall bear great profits and rewards in your life. I have invested my time and effort in you through my son Jesus Christ therefore live according to my teachings.

There are great profits and rewards from investing in my kingdom

Just as you enjoy huge profits from great financial investment, there are greater rewards from investment made in God’s kingdom. Dear one, I guarantee you great rewards by choosing to invest in my kingdom. By choosing to invest in me I shall have a place for you in my kingdom, store heavenly wealth and possessions for you, receive eternal life, blessings, guarantee you protection from evil and suffering, fight your battles, bless your loved ones and among many more  rewards. Financial investment is a great plan but it does not guarantee you of an eternal life. As you feel safe and a sense of security from financial investment, feel much safer and secure from investing in my kingdom.

Use your finances wisely.

My child, wisdom is a free gift that I have offered you through the Holy Spirit. Use the wisdom and pray for discernment that you may make right decisions on financial investment. I urge you to use money wisely through investments and saving. This shall not only grant you security for the future but guarantee the security of your family and loved ones as well.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Do not store up yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

(Matthew 6:19)

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