Today’s Devotional

"Dear one, accept, believe and have faith in me and you shall receive and enjoy a life filled with immense great health spiritually and physically..."

Accept me as your medical needs provider

Child, whenever you are faced with health problems, always call me. Call unto me for healing and I will grant you a great healthy life. I am a God of all great things and before you turn to the earthly physicians and hospitals or medical assistance call unto me and cast your medical needs unto me first. Remember that I gave them the capabilities and blessed the health care workers with the abilities to deliver and treat you from diseases.

Whatever the medical needs providers are able to do is through my power and glory. Therefore accept me as your physician. Believe and accept me and you shall not succumb to any diseases. I am capable of making the impossible possible and capable of performing miracles in your life. I heal diseases that even the earthly medics can’t, so why would you not entrust me with your medical needs?

Have faith and trust in me as your physician.

Always believe and trust in me dear one. Believe that I shall deliver you from illnesses and diseases. If you have faith in me, call unto me whenever you are battling health issues and I shall grant you healing. Believe that no illness is greater than your God. Just like you put your faith and trust in the earthly doctors and health workers and have peace knowing that you are in good hands, have faith in me as well. With me you are in better and greater hands.

Accept Jesus Christ as your spiritual and physical physician

Do you remember the doings and the miracles of Jesus Christ in the Bible? Yes dear one, Jesus Christ healed and cured the sick. Jesus is a true healer. Accept my son Jesus in your life and see how He shall take care of your medical needs and not just in regards to your physical health but spiritual health as well. Jesus Christ died for the wellbeing of your spiritual health as it is through His death you were set free from slavery of sin and set right with me.

He has brought you spiritual healing through redemption and salvation hence the assurance of an eternal life. Jesus heals diseases that the earthly doctors and medical workers are incapable of healing as evident in the Bible. Therefore, accept Jesus into your life and He shall set you free from all that burdens you.

Glorify the Lord and exude His power and grace through your healing medical abilities

Oh blessed one, glorify me with the abilities I have granted you. Let my grace and sufficient power be visible in your service to others. Let them see my grace while you serve them.  Have faith in me for you do not perform healing and curing by your grace but by my power. Give hope to people and make them aware of how God has blessed you enough to save their lives by curing them from diseases. Let them know and believe that is how I work my way to people’s life through you. 

Even when it gets tough and the medical needs overpower you, keep giving them hope for I shall reveal myself through you in such difficult times. Be humble in your service. Let others see my light and power through you. Acknowledge me for I have chosen you to heal and save people’s lives like Jesus did. Your ability is a calling meaning I have chosen you. Therefore, use that to worship and glorify me.

Reflect On These Words Today

And hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners”

(Mark 2:17)

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